dairy and acne

anonymous asked:

whats wrong with milk? also why don't you support raw veganism. idk what it is but it sounds extreme

Skin wise, dairy is linked to acne. Contrary to poplar belief, it also lowers the levels of calcium in your bones. Ethically, milk production is as barbaric, if not worse than egg production.

Basically raw vegans don’t eat anything cooked, which means that along with cutting out animal products, they also cut out entire food groups which I consider essential constituents to a healthy diet. They don’t eat grains, legumes or anything else that needs to be heat processed in order to be edible, or even for the sake of it being tasty. I don’t support it because it’s extreme and dangerous. Veganism itself, is healthy and safe. However, once you cut out most of the sources of your protein and carbs and don’t replace them with anything other than more fruits and vegetables, you’re running a very real risk of malnutrition. You do you but I’d never recommend it to anyone.

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