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Top 10 Clear Skin Hacks!

1) Have a routine

Whatever specific products work for you. But a real basic routine should include cleansing your skin, toning, and moisturising/treating.


You’re just rubbing bacteria around and causing yourself problems. 

3) Keep your hair out of your face

Your hair naturally has oils on it which can transfer onto your face and clog pores. Along with any shampoos, conditioners or products that you have put on your hair. These touching and rubbing your face will not be good.

4) Diet

For me diet is everything when it comes to my face. Adding greens, fresh fruits and veggies and reducing the junk will help, it may take a while though so don’t expect immediate results.

5) Hydration station

Aim to drink at least 2 litres or 8 cups of water a day.

6) Change your pillow case

I change my pillow case every night. Tons of oils and dead skin cell are left on your pillow every night, as well as it being a breeding ground for bacteria. Flip or change your pillow case nightly and your bedding weekly if you can.

7) Dairy Danger

There is a proven link between dairy and acne. If you can, just cut it out completely. I have been dairy free for a couple years and I can assure you it gets easier. Saying goodbye to milkshakes and cheese is hard at first though.

8) Make-up

If you can use less, or preferably none. But i know this isn’t realistic for many people. If you use a liquid foundation switch to a power one. And always take your make-up off as soon as possible.

9) Cold water

When showering right before you get out and after your face is fully cleansed rinse your face with cold water to help close your pore and prevent bacteria getting it and creating a big ‘ol pimple.

10) Stress

When you have acne or even just one awful pimple you stress. I know. I do it all the time. Try to reduce your stress levels. Stressing will cause certain hormone levels to spike and trigger break outs. Take time out for yourself, read a book, take a bath. Relax.

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