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This is my top ten shows

  1. Battlestar Galactica
  2. Charmed
  3. LOST
  4. Ally McBeal
  5. The Pretender 
  6. Stargate SG1
  7. Third Watch 
  8. Orphan Black
  9. Fringe 
  10. Jane The Virgin 

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She likes New York at night
She dreams of running away
Shine on, bright like the sun
when even the sky turns grey
I need you to hear me say
I need you to hear me say

Let go of the fear, let go of the doubt,
Let go of the ones who try to bring you down
You’re gonna be fine, don’t hold it inside
And if you hurt right now
Then let it all come out

Happy [belated] birthday, alluringcliche

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1. Where are you from?


2. Where do you want to live?

Atlantis if it’s a really large question and Canada if it’s only in the world and France (so not really moving) if it’s only in Europe lol. 

3. Sea or Mountain?


4. Favourite female character?

Chloe Sullivan, Olivia Dunham.

5. Favourite supernatural creature?


6. Best TV show ever?

Battlestar Galactica.

7. If you could bring back one canceled TV show, what would it be?

Selfie, I really want to know what’s going to happen after this pseudo finally. Or Flashforward, this show was awesome.

8. CW or HBO?


9. Worst character ever?

Right now, I will go with all the characters of Hush Hush. I don’t have one worse more like who I consider as being worthless, this can’t be unique. Chuck Bass. Captain Hook in OUAT, Ben in LOST…

10. The one thing you will reblog always and forever.



Lol, I actually did it. 


Happy birthday to one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, Cla.

President of Doomedshipsland, dairlusional and pathological. Her life motto is: “if it’s not doomed, I don’t ship it.” Also I think she’s obsessed with Jensen Ackles but idk.

Level of patience: +5000000.

My days wouldn’t be the same without our long conversations on facebook (“hey val remember dair” “ugh fuck my life”), we’re epic and magnetic, and that’s why I love you.