[HENSHIN] Dairenoh.

With the incantation “Gosei Gattai” (五星合体; Five star combination), Qiden Bujin Ryuuseioh and the Tenkuu Qiden could form Dairenoh (大連王; Great Combination King). This first occurred in episode 8 after Chou Ryou and the spirits of the original Dairanger powered up the Lailai Jewels.

Qiden Bujin Ryuuseioh was the central component of Dairenoh. Sei Tenma and Sei Kirin formed the legs, and Sei Houou turned into the waist and belt. Sei Shishi provided the helmet, chestplate, arm armor and belt ornament. Attached to the waist was the Great King Sword, stored inside of a sheath. The cockpit was located in the chest.

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[ATTACK] Great Electrical Release, Hidden Mist Illusion & Single Shot Tornado.

Dairenoh had several offensive maneuvers other than the finishing move Raging Hurricane Waves.

The most common was Great King Sword Great Electrical Release (大王剣・大放電; Daiohken daihouden; Lit. Great king sword great discharge). Using the Great King Sword, Dairenoh unleashed a surge of electricity from the blade. In episode 12, Dairenoh forced Tofu Hermit to let go of the sword by triggering this attack.

When Houou Ranger channeled her power through Dairenoh in episode 14, she subdued Kabuki Boy with Dairenoh Single Shot Tornado (大連王・一文字竜巻; Dairenoh ichimonji tatsumaki). The enemy was struck down by a swirl of wind and lightning.

After Shishi Ranger used Dairenoh Hidden Mist Illusion (大連王・幻霧隠れ; Dairenoh maboroshi kirigakure) in episode 23, Heatwave Hood was hit by a phantom train (幻山手線; Maboroshi Yamanotesen).

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[BATTLE] Dairanger vs. Archbishop Saw.

Since Chou Ryou refused to kill his son and the Dairanger, Archbishop Saw took over. Chou Ryou watched as his master challenged the five heroes.

Archbishop Saw threw the Dairangers' Qi Power Bomber right back at them. He then reverted to his humanoid form and targeted Ryou. This ordeal triggered memories in both Ryou and Chou Ryou.

Chou Ryou responded to his son’s cries and he attacked Archbishop Saw. With the enemy incapacitated, the others gathered around Chou Ryou. He and the spirits of the Chou’s former teammates activated the secret power of the Lailai Jewels. Finally, the wounded Chou Ryou faded away in Ryou’s arms.

Archbishop Saw reemerged as a giant, and the Dairanger summoned their Qidenjuu. The five beasts combined to form Dairenoh. Using the Great King Sword, Dairenoh destroyed Archbishop Saw with Raging Hurricane Waves.

From: Episode 8

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