30 Days of Dair| Day 02 | Favorite scene from season one

There really are no words to properly express my love for this scene. It’s utterly iconic, and I think it beautifully represents the basis of Dan and Blair’s relationship: two people, thought by everyone including themselves as polar opposites, stripped down to the core and seeing that they are more similar than they originally would have thought. Dan sliding down the wall to sit with Blair represents the fact that they are equals - neither one is above the other, both figuratively and literally. In this moment, they’re both showing a little bit of their vulnerable sides and instead of exploiting that vulnerability with quick quips and biting remarks, Dan genuinely talks to her while Blair actually listens to him and takes his advice. Although they soon returned to the previously mentioned banter, it still didn’t and could never erase this one moment in time where they let go of their preconceived notions about one another and were on the same level.

Things I loved about 4x16 of Gossip Girl...
  • Dan wanting to ask Blair out for lunch
  • Dan smiling while Blair multitasks
  • The way Dan’s voice gets all soft when he says, “…admit you need me.”
  • Dan being all smug and putting his feet on Blair’s desk
  • Dan being concerned about Blair’s sleeping habits
  • Dan waiting for Blair to crack
  • Blair admitting that she needs Dan
  • Dan making her say it clearly
  • Dan making her add to it
  • Blair mumbling
  • Dan mumbling back
  • Blair mumbling again
  • Blair knowing that Dan was worrying about her fatigue
  • Dan finding Blair when she’s alone
  • Dan calling Blair out on her phone bluff
  • Dan seeing right through Blair
  • Blair finding out that Dan wrote her blog for her
  • Blair showing up at Dan’s loft
  • Dan letting her in wordlessly
  • Dan saying he’s sorry about her losing her job
  • Blair opening up to Dan
  • Dan looking down every time Blair talks about Chuck
  • The smiles
  • Dan offering her a chance to stay
  • Blair accepting the offer
  • Dan sliding closer to Blair while they order
  • Dan and Blair watching a movie with an open pizza box on the table
  • Blair looking to Dan
  • Dan laughing
  • Dan’s arm on the couch behind her
  • Blair’s legs almost (possibly) touching his
  • Blair sleeping on Dan’s shoulder
  • Dan sleeping with Blair on his shoulder

…and none for Chuck, Nate, Raina, Damien, Eric, Lily, Serena, Ben, Rufus, Russel, Vanessa, the minions, Dorota, bye…


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