I really have no clue how someone can say they’re against animal cruelty but still eat meat and dairy. Like how is it not cruel to raise an animal only to slaughter them? To cut their lives so short just for your plate of food?

Not only is it cruel to these precious animals but it’s cruel to your health, and it’s cruel to our planet.

“Bir insanı anlamak için onu sevmek gerekir. Peki ama sevmek için ne gerekir? İşte tam bu noktada nedensizliğin arsız kuşları üzerinize pisler. Ciddiyim, bir de bakmışsınız, seviyorsunuz. Biri çıkar karşınıza, balkon yıkamanın çok güzel bir şey olduğunu söyler, seversiniz. Bir başkası çıkar, çocukluğundan beri bir gülümsemenin dudaklardan, yüzden nasıl silindiğini takip ettiğini söyler, seversiniz. Bütün çocukların okuldan koşarak çıktığını fark edip etmediğini sorduğunuzda, ‘Evet, üstelik kışın, paltolarını giymeden yalnızca kapşonlarını başlarına geçirip öyle koşarlar.’ yanıtını veren genç bir kadını, güzel domates kesen orta yaşlı bir adamı, Oktay Rifat'ın ‘bir uykuda’ şiirini çok seven birini, ispirto ocağını, cezvesini ve fincanını yanından ayırmayan bir kahve tiryakisini, kızının saçlarını tarayan bir babayı, ‘bal kavanozu’ diyemeyip ‘bal kavanözü’ diyen bir anneyi, herkesi, herkesi sevebilirsiniz. İnsan sevilecek bir canlıdır. Gezegenimizdeki en güzel şeydir.”


Chia Breakfast Trifle | Thandi Eats Vegan

A healthy take on fruit trifle that can be had for breakfast or dessert. Recipe now on the blog

I don’t make the slavery comparison lightly. Slavery is the system that stripped my ancestors of their pride and possessions and brought them to this country in chains. Slavery is the system that forced my ancestors to live without freedom and work without compensation for generations. Slavery is the system that created so many of the inequalities African Americans still encounter today.

Understanding the horrific impact of slavery is why I agreed to be the Goodwill Ambassador for a UN memorial honoring the victims of the transatlantic slave trade. I wanted to do my part to ensure that something as devastating to the human condition as slavery will never happen again. Just as I want to ensure that something as devastating to both the human and the animal condition as eating animal products is ultimately judged just as harshly as slavery is today.

In the way I make comparisons between the meat industrial complex and slavery, others have made the same comparisons with Nazism. As unpopular as those comparisons might be, they need to be made as well. Consider the words of Holocaust survivor—and vegan– Alex Hershaft, who told the Jewish Journal he couldn’t help but see the parallels between the meat industry and the Nazi Holocaust, including “the crowding, cattle cars, brutality and the routine and efficiency of mass extermination….I echo the wisdom of famed Yiddish writer Isaac Bashevis Singer: ‘For the animals, life is an eternal Treblinka,’” referring to the Nazi concentration camp.

Speaking of Singer, if you’re not familiar, he was an iconic Jewish writer who grew up in a Warsaw ghetto and fled to America on the eve of the Holocaust. In his classic book Enemies: A Love Story, he describes the reaction of one of his characters, a Jewish survivor of the Holocaust, to watching an animal killed for its meat:
As often as Herman had witnessed the slaughter of animals and fish, he always had the same thought: in their behavior towards creatures, all men were Nazis. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplified the most extreme racist theories, the principle that might is right.

Singer didn’t write those words lightly— he was a European Jew who understood all too well just how cruel and inhumane the Nazi mentality was. Who spent most of his life trying to make sense of the damage the Nazis did to his family and his world. When he writes, “in their behavior towards creatures, all men were Nazis,” you can feel the pain of that truth.

Notice that Singer didn’t say that people are Nazi’s all the time, but rather than just in how they treat animals. It’s a crucial distinction and really gets to the heart of what I’m trying to convey in this section. Eating animals does not make you terrible person. It does not make you a Nazi. Or a slave trader.

It does, however, represent some of our most unconscious behavior. Our unconscious mind that can make us blind to another being’s suffering. That allows us to hold on to racist theories. That allows us put our own perceived needs over the common good.
“The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that’s the essence of inhumanity.“ George Bernard Shaw.

Breaking out of that sort of unconscious mind set is why I go to yoga. Why I practice meditation. And yes, why I don’t eat animal products.

—  Russell Simmons “The Happy Vegan”

Phoenix steer is one in well over a million in so many different ways! He is one of the lucky few male cattle to make it out of the dairy industry alive. As a frightened and sick calf, he  was rescued from a dairy farm in California in the nick of time; a Farm Sanctuary volunteer was at the farm and was able to negotiate for Phoenix and two other sick calves to be released into our care. These babies were literally pulled off the truck of a so-called “calf jockey” – a transport truck driver who makes the rounds from industrialized dairy to industrialized dairy, pulling newborn males and/or any ailing babies from the property and routing them straight to the slaughterhouse. Had help not arrived, that would have been the next stop for these newborns. These day-old calves are slaughtered to become what is called “bob veal.“

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Prolougue: Dank beginnings ××

Info needed to understand my writing:
-gender rules
-feeling from experience
-real life shit
-I’m expecting you all to learn from this
-lots of racial jokes.
-puns, lots of puns …and dicks.
-just random shit.
(Don’t like it? Don’t read it.)

|| my journey began differently than most. In general it may be the same as any other teenager who grew up with the abuse and mind boggling depression that eats you up. Yes I became a fucking emo but I grew out of it in my own way. Grew some rad ass freaking hair but in a way it reminds me of my identity and of a time when things were diffetent and simple. My names isabell, I’m 16 years old, SUPER FUCKING GAY, my zodiac sign is a Sagittarius, Yes please hand me the vodika and im in love with tea…I deal with major depression at times but the bipolar speaks. Your probably wondering what a freaking freak man but hey, I have my past and this is the outcome, this doesnt affect who i am as a person because im different then i sought out to be . A green god frog seems to be my source of laughter and a string that binds my friendship with people I now call family, my weird funny but heart warming family. Things are complicated in this little world I call home, As well as This shitty town. One of us left but she’s still here in my heart. Jo was the name. Then there are plenty of other children of the green Pepe frog and decendents of dank jokes /memes. This is my colorful yet dark story. I’m not writing this as a vent or anything. This is to tell you that i exist of a different world that ive grown to call my reality and to tell the world of another world in a world that I’ve created. Things will get confusing along the road but this will help you in some odd way, have a gay day like a gay smol once told me at the beginning of my freshman year of the big green highschool….Do you got the D in you? …(gay joke intended about dicks)

Sende; ben, kutba giden bir geminin sergüzeştini,
Sende; ben, kumarbaz macerasını keşiflerin,
Sende uzaklığı,
Sende; ben, imkansızlığı seviyorum.

Güneşli bir ormana dalar gibi dalmak gözlerine
Ve kan ter içinde, aç ve öfkeli,
Ve bir avcı iştahıyla etini dişlemek senin.

Sende, ben, imkansızlığı seviyorum,
Fakat asla ümitsizliği değil..

—  Nâzım Hikmet

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I was doing so well with not eating animal products for a year or so but I started a job where I get unlimited free food. The baked goods get me. I haven't eaten meat in 4 years and it grosses me out but I'm not sure how to stop eating the stuff with hidden egg or dairy.

awwww :( you need to educate or remind yourself about the dairy industry and egg industry and how terrible these industries are and how they torture the animals so much :/ and then you also need to remind yourself of the harmful affect these foods have on your health if that doesn’t work/isn’t enough.

go to http://notmilk.com/ and read about all the terrible things that dairy does to your body there.

buy soy milk, buy rice milk, buy almond and coconut milk, buy all sorts of vegan milks to try. buy vegan cheese too! and vegan ice cream :) buy vegan baked goods to take to work so you can still eat baked goods at work! or if you don’t have money to buy vegan baked goods just bake some yourself! there are lots of vegan egg replacements that you can use in baking :)

watch earthlings. watch the footage, don’t look away, just watch what the poor cows and chickens have to suffer through in order for you and other people to have dairy and eggs. and if you have already watched it in the past, watch it again. go on google images, type in “dairy industry cruelty” and “egg industry cruelty” and look at all of those photos. you also need to remind yourself that the dairy and egg industry IS the meat industry as well. 

milk has soooo much pus in it. just google somatic cell count, that is the scientific name that they use for pus to make it sound less gross. dairy is so bad for your body, it is so acidic and it literally leeches calcium out of your bones. too much dairy GIVES you osteoporosis. the dairy industry has brainwashed everyone to believe it does the opposite though. the countries with the highest milk consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis, and vice versa. also eggs are full of cholesterol and fat and they are just sooooo bad for your body they have so many negative health affects.

if you went over a year without eating dairy I know you can do it again! you just need to focus on the animals and think of them every time you see those baked goods and feel like eating them. I hope that helped a bit and good luck with going vegan again! <3 



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sending all the love to my precious dairlings! it truely was the BEST DAY EVER. we had been blessed with so many amazing dair things that I couldn’t cope

today is the day we shall rise to dair heaven again :)

Kerala Chicken & Mango Curry

I had a leftover mango sitting around in the kitchen and after really enjoying the chilli mango chicken my boyfriend made the other day, I decided to make another savoury mango dish. And it turned out amazing! I’m a big fan of south Indian curries and this one has quite possibly become my new favourite! 😛


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to the anon struggling with baked goods: I know how you feel! it's so hard to stay away from them. what I do is, if I'm wavering towards eating something with milk, I watch a short video about the dairy industry to remind myself that it's not worth it. same with the egg industry. you just gotta remind yourself how terrible the industries are because with all the brainwashing going on around us it's easy to forget <3 you're strong and we'll both get through those darn cravings just fine! :)

that’s amazing! you are strong and yes I know you two will both get through the cravings :) thank you for sending this message and I hope the anon sees this! <3