dair 2

Today is February 6th which is a HUGE day for Dair! I remember 5 years ago how amazing everything was! The Back Up Dan was on that day, and it was amazing! But even before it aired, we got those beautiful and precious photos from the Met Steps! I remember the day so well! This ship is so beautiful! I love my Dair peeps! 😍

Spoby and Haleb fans unite! ;)

I love you all but Spaleb is gonna happen! we already saw glimpse of it in the promos and this qoute sums it up: “There’s one moment coming that when I filmed it I had to actually ask for a couple more takes. I told the director, ‘All I can hear in my head and see are the reaction videos of fans watching it and then screaming and possibly even hating me…’ so that was a little overwhelming. We’ll see what happens! I’m just not going to watch the reaction videos after that episode. –Troian Bellisario on Season 6B.

some will love dair 2.0 aka spaleb (probably spoby/haleb haters and people that enjoy drama), the majority will hate the idea of them.

The thing that pll writers fails to understand by creating this scenario is that we all grow to love and adore the friendship aspect that this show gave us. The liars bond is what made this show! spencer and hanna weren’t written as frenemies like serena and blair, for GG screwing each other over was the nature of the show… this is not the case in pll!
I’m pretty sure the first rule of ‘The Brotherhood of Ex-Boyfriends’ is to NOT DATE each other’s ex, and i can only guess that the punch in 6x18 will totally be about that subject. from 6x11 it was pretty clear that hanna felt betrayed that spencer and caleb stayed in touch… and not because spaleb are friends but because spencer didn’t tell her, she already figured that there is something going on there.

so you see we are not crying because our ships are apart, but because this scenario will ruin friendships! i don’t see taleb being the same after that or spanna for that matter, even if i saw interview saying that hanna is o.k with that.

Just like dan and blair this spaleb thing isn’t going to last because spoby and haleb are endgame! don’t tell me it’s your first teen show? :) because let me tell you that the main couple are eventually going to reunite… in our case spoby & haleb! it doesn’t metter if it will occur in 6B / 7A / 7B or in the damn last episode 7x20… it will happen!

Spaleb going to happen it’s growing like a cancer from 6x11 (hey maybe cancer = caleb/spencer is a better name for them lol) and all we can do is be respectful to their fans and tag our resentment in the "anti spaleb” tag ( i promise you spaleb fans this is the last time i’m tagging my resentment).

Sadly it’s hard for me now to enjoy my fav brotp scenes without gagging :( spaleb should remaid as best friends! now all i can do is laugh at the idea that pll writers trying to pull dair 2.0 and thinking that unnecessary drama will pull more viewers…  it won’t!
I will continue with my way “making fun of pll” because criticise someone “choice” or spreading hate about something you don’t like is childish.

so please spoby and haleb fans try to not tag anti spaleb post in the spaleb tag or the spoby tag or the haleb tag.
love you all enjoy the ride or sign off or make fun of pll like i’m going to do <3