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Hey Beautiful! 8 of the Prettiest Things on the Internet…

Today is going to be WONDERFUL. We’ve had a hard time choosing what to include in this list since there are so many pretty things out there, but c'est la vie. 

Happy Friday the 13th, Full Moon day, TGIF, and best day ever. 

8 of the Prettiest Things on the Internet!

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1) ModCloth Proudly Posh Heel (dainty, unique and comfortable)

2) ModCloth Lady Love Song Dress in Sapphire (wear this everywhere, up to size 4X)

3) Melie Bianco Full Course Loaded Bag from ModCloth (fits everything)

4) Kate Spade Lemon Tart Starfish Studs (on sale!)

5) Soludos Stripe Sandals in Peach and White from Shopbop (Only 1 left!! For more Soludos go to Wantering)

6) Reverse Daisy Lace Romper from Shopbop (the sleeves, swoon)

7) Kate Spade Gum Drop Earrings (on sale!)

8) Cowrie Fringe Necklace from Anthropologie (take a look at the details on this baby)

Peace, love and good style,

Wantering Editors

Imagine being a parent and having to watch and hear your child tearing themselves to shreds, picking at the tiniest parts of themselves and hating it until they can’t stand to stare at that part of them in the mirror anymore. They’re your creation, you’re little piece of art that you’ve loved since the day they were placed together by all the little bits and pieces of you. To witness something that you find so wonderfully beautiful picking at every flaw they can find must be heart shattering. And not only are they breaking themselves, they’re breaking those tiny little pieces of you that make them whole. To be the creator and know that the piece itself doesn’t like its, although dainty, unique parts that you have given it, even though it’s the best you could have possibly offered, must be heart breaking. It’s as if your child is saying ‘I have your eyes - but they’re not pretty enough. So in affect, it’s not only my dull, grey eyes that I despise of, it’s yours, too. What you have given me isn’t enough, it’s ugly, even if it’s the best parts of you that you could’ve offered.’
—  A reminder to myself when I decide which part of me to dislike next.