dainty little thing

Friendly reminder that Stiles Stilinski isn’t some small, delicate flower. He’s just shy of 5'11″, he’s spent the better part of two years running from and fighting monsters, on top of playing lacrosse and running cross country. 

He’s never looked weak, he’s always been able to hold his own (and sometimes he’s held his own AND an entire other person.) 

Just… Stiles Stilinski isn’t some dainty little thing. He’s HUMAN, but he can take care of himself… remember all the times he ran headlong into danger with a baseball bat? 

Let’s all remember that Stiles isn’t a little wimp that needs protection. If anything, people need protection from him.

Alpha Royalty Headcanons

-Royal Alphas are made to endure long hours of schooling and physical training starting at a young age because they need to be prepared to take complete control of the kingdom at as young an age as eighteen, so they don’t have a lot of free time to enjoy things

-A royal Alpha’s parents being too busy for their child and assigning a Beta nanny to basically raise the Alpha for them

-The nanny having a Beta child that becomes the Alpha’s best friend and always tries to sneak the Alpha around to have adventures, the nanny just pretends to be clueless

-On top of not being very close to their parents, the Alpha has little to no input when it comes to an arranged mate. Though they might receive a name or a vague physical description, which is still more info than an Omega would get

-Having conflicting opinions with their Alpha parent about how an Omega should be treated and always being told that they will most likely “ruin” any Omega they are mated to by being too gentle and understanding

-The Alpha being bothered by the fact that royal Omegas would be severely punished if they were to lose their virginity before marriage, but nobody bats an eye if an unmated royal Alpha beds a different person every other night

-Their arranged mate arriving at the castle two weeks before the wedding and the Alpha pleading for their Beta friend to go sneak a peek and tell them what the Omega is like. The Beta quite literally running into the Omega later on and realizing not only was the dainty little thing now cursing them out, they were also in the process of hiding from their own Beta escort. After safely escaping the enraged Omega, the laughing Beta returns to the Alpha and refuses to tell them anything other than “your Omega is simply lovely”

-The Alpha finally meeting their Omega, expecting someone very beautiful but also very docile and boring, and instead they receive an easily flustered but very ill tempered mate…and they are unexpectedly pleased by this

-Loving every minute of defying both of their parents and helping the Omega discover small freedoms that they themselves always took for granted, like short hair and higher learning

-Both being excited when their first set of twins is an Alpha and an Omega and happily stirring up gossip by raising the children as equals to each other instead of just a future leader and a future bearer of heirs

Cuddle Me, Wanker.

Summary: Arthur’s pre-heat has very unfortunate symptoms. Poor Alfred. (Omegaverse!)

Rating: Older Teen; Mature language and mentions of sexual topics.

Red’s comments: I love you guys so much. Thank you for the support and to make up for my slacking, I revamped an old never-seen story. Hope you enjoy. <3.

Being an omega had to be the worst thing on the planet. For one thing, they were constantly objectified. Childbirth was a bitch and every damn couple of months, the universe decided to make life hell for a straight week just because it felt like it. Arthur despised being an omega. And hell no, he wasn’t a dainty whiny little thing like the omegas portrayed on tv. He was him: a strong, no-bullshit man from England who loved tea and poetry. It infuriated him to think of the stigma. 

This week, however, Arthur found himself hating being an omega more than ever. His heat was beginning in a few days but that wasn’t enough. The universe wanted to spite him with all kinds of hellish symptoms. Arthur wanted to die. He was angry at the world and questioned the purpose of life as he squirmed on the bed. Then, just as he thought his dreaded existence could not get any more miserable, Alfred walked through the door.

He was tall and handsome– though not the brightest. Alfred was the only alpha Arthur could stand. Alfred was different. He let Arthur be his wild, British, cranky self. Arthur adored him. But even so, he was pissed off so Alfred was shit out of luck.

“Hey, babe, how was–”

“Don’t you start that alpha fuckboy bullshit on me! I am in pain! And if you even try to get in my pants, I will rip off your wanker and feed it to the dogs!”

A pillow went flying into the alpha’s face and Arthur burrowed beneath the blankets in rage. Alfred could only stare in complete confusion and shock while he tried to piece his thoughts together. 

“I-I’m sorry sweetie, I wasn’t trying to–”

“Sweetie this, sweetie that, well fuck you! If only your insides were twisting in knots and you could barely fucking move! Stupid alphas… if only you knew the hell we suffer. We are never having sex again!!!”

Alfred turned as white as a ghost, “Y-You don’t mean that… Honey, i-is it your p-p-pre-heat? I’m sorry you don’t feel good… Is there anything I can do to help?” 

There was a moment of silence before Arthur popped his head from the covers, green eyes squinted.

“You are to bring me your largest warmest sweater and your batman boxers. Then you are to feed me and rub my feet. If you do not cuddle me, you wanker, I will despise you for all eternity. Do you understand?”

Alfred had to fight the urge to giggle. “Got it, I’ll be right back, sweetheart.”

“And don’t call me that!” Arthur called as Alfred rushed out of the room, 

“Roger that.”

The alpha couldn’t help but break out into a wide grin. He loved to make his omega feel better.


More tiny sapient ungulates: Scootaloo grows up into a beefy punk with black metal piercings and a leather jacket, it is canon and I will fight absolutely every asshole brony who draws grown up Scoot as a dainty little thing with long hair.

She also rides an alicycle, which is basically a very aerodynamic bicycle that you propel with your wings (because internal combustion engines are mysteriously absent in mlp). She also has a magical disability and can’t achieve sustained flight, her wings don’t conduct magic well enough. This is probably do to her mixed pegasi and earth pony heritage, which is also one of the reasons she lives in Ponyville. Likely one of her parents or close relatives is wingless and can’t live in Cloudsdale.

I just watched AWE today again, and years ago I never really appreciated many nuances of this movie which had escaped me. Long ago I had been too overcome by my grief over the obviously vicious rending of the AWE script. Back then, all I noticed was the paring down of the Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann love story that was building to a crescendo from potc2. Now, in AWE the movie was doing some serious back peddling; an extreme editing job was performed to make room for the Will and Elizabeth ‘happy ending’ to make sense. I say that with a good deal of resentment and sarcasm too, but that is not what I wanted to point out this time.

However, I saw AWE just now and I have got to say how brilliant and adorable Elizabeth Swann is when she is on her way to entering the bath house in Singapore. She goes there to meet Sao Fang with Barbossa. She is feisty as ever. When the Oriental pirate on guard outside of the bath house asks Barbossa if he is the one protecting this woman, Elizabeth is in rare form.

“What makes you think I need protection?”

She had skillfully slithered up to the guard, managing to maneuver a sharp knife to the man’s throat!

But what is just too funny for words happens next. It is such a riot, and done very cheekily with a bit of flair. The scene is short and goes by quickly, but it is a treasure trove of potc characterization and comedy.

The guards already got a taste of Elizabeth’s slippery nature outside, and before permitting her to go in and meet with Sao Fang, Elizabeth is required to strip. And I mean does she ever strip! LOL! She comes across as this dainty, petite little thing harmless as a fly, and allegedly a ‘weak woman.’ And right then and there, as she disrobes and takes off what little bit she has on, this pirate lass pulls out more weapons and artillery than an army! Most of her weapons are also the size of human limbs! LOL! I mean that last rifle Elizabeth leans backwards and struggles to pull out of WHO knows where, is hysterical. She adds all her discarded arsenal in a neat little pile off to the side.

Finally when she’s done, Elizabeth gives that ‘quirky’ little ‘smirk’ over to Barbossa. It is done so well and so delightfully devious…and she delivers that expression with the innocence of a mere waif who simply got caught with her hand in the cookie jar! But, get a gander of that stockpile of weaponry Elizabeth managed to store about her tiny frame!

That is such a funny scene, and done with a cheeky finesse. Elizabeth is so precocious and this scene is such a defining moment in potc. It is a great chapter of showing us just how much Elizabeth Swann had blossomed into the wily pirate she was and IS!

Here’s to Lizzie, the one and only Pirate King!

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silverflint prompt - fearsome Pirate King John Silver adopts a fearless chicken named Monique. They become bffs and sail the high seas together. Flint tries his best to deal with a situation.

Fulfilling a promise as well as a challenge. I give you Monique

Flint wasn’t proud of ordering the kidnapping of a chicken but enough was enough.

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im really hoping that the new hero will be the junker queen, and im really hoping that she won’t be some cute little dainty thing. i dont want her to be an elegant, slender woman. i dont even want her to be silly but noble. i want her to be tough and butch and a little unhinged. i want her to be dirty and arrogant and rude. i want her to instill fear in other people and know exactly who she is and tell them. this is your queen. nobility is overrated. only the strong survive. no rules. no mercy.

i dont want a snide, talk-in-circles-to-get-what-i-want chaotic neutral personality for her like sombra. i want her to be brutal. even if she’s support? i want her to be vicious. i want her to be a woman who clawed and beat her way to the top. she is the ruler of a city built from the rubble and the scrap of the factory that she might’ve helped blow up, in an irradiated wasteland. she’s cutthroat and hardcore and doesn’t take any shit. i want a woman who will not hesitate to kill anyone in her way in whatever means necessary. she has no need for politics or patience. let her be greedy, selfish, and angry. a woman with a pack of insane scavengers on leashes, with no fear of making enemies. 

(Warning: Smut Ahead)

Chan’s lips were poised beautifully open as Jeonghan unwrapped the lollipop for him. It was difficult to keep his mouth closed, well, with yours on his cock. You were on your knees between his legs, hands comfortably rested on his clothed thighs, his belt and fly hastily open to present you with his hard, smooth, hot cock.

Tainted breaths easily escaped him, doing well keeping his composure even with the hot, wet mouth that was suckling away at his erection like it was the best thing you had ever tasted; a big man in a big suit and trying his hardest not to fall apart just because of a dainty little thing like you. Beautiful, but dainty. Someone he could throw over his knee and spank with very little effort, or bend over a counter a fuck senseless without even tiring himself out.

But you were just as weak for his cock as he was for sweets, he realized as Jeonghan gently pressed the bright pink candy through his parted lips. It warmed with his breath and saliva as he sucked it in, just as you warmed the head of his dick with yours and pumped his thick shaft in your hand. You stuck your tongue right into his slit, hitting one of his weakest points, making him shutter a fraction of a groan and grab at the back of your hair.

He was just as weak for you. Your mouth, your pussy; watching your face as you came.

“Come on, take it deeper for Daddy,” he encouraged, slightly muffled by the globe of candy on his tongue.

Jeonghan chuckled. He reached over and gripped into your hair, pushing you down onto his cock until you gagged, then moaned deep in your chest. He seemed satisfied and let go.

“Don’t be afraid to push her head down,” he instructed to the younger. “Oh, and I get her next, Daddy.” The mocking was distinct in his tone, making Chan blush and twist with confliction, feeling the building in his stomach as your mouth worked wonders on him.

Jeonghan winked at him, and gave you a nice smack on the ass with his bat before he walked away.

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(if you haven’t seen this clip yet, you are missing out on a slice of pure heaven on earth. i watched it about six times while writing this alone. Dino makes me weak. so, so, so weak. fuuuuuuck. and don’t even begin to talk to me about Jeonghan in a white suit –Tanisha<3)

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winterwitch, prompt 8?

8. being unable to open their eyes for a few moments afterward + 17. height difference kisses where one person has to bend down and the other is on their tippy toes (for @bloodredmoon87​) (kiss meme)

He loves to kiss her.

On her lips, and her cheek, and the back of her hand. He loves kissing the bridge of her nose when she scrunches it cutely, loves kissing the little wrinkle she gets in her forehead when she’s confused. Loves the way she exhales in content and leans into him when kisses the top of her head, and the way she whimpers and squirms and scratches at his chest when he kisses the curve of her neck, as if urging him to do more. Her lips are soft and fit perfectly against his, and even the little nips and tugs of her teeth are gentle, playful, almost always followed by a giggle that makes his heart skip and his blood thrum. He loves kissing her.

So, no. This isn’t their first kiss. But, he thinks it’s the kiss. The kiss where everything feels just a little bit different, just a little bit better, if possible.

(He remembers when something better was something he didn’t dare believe in, but then Wanda came along, and, well. He believes in a lot of things now.)

It’s the middle of the night when they get back from Vienna, but neither of them have calmed down from that last bit of adrenaline from their mission. Wanda held up a burning building for twenty minutes while everyone evacuated; only minor injuries accounted for and zero casualties. He knows she’s prouder of herself than she’d ever say, and he’s for damn sure prouder of her than he’s ever been. He knows she’s capable of things like this all the time, but he still gets awed being able to see it for himself, you know?

“She was so cute,” Wanda says as they’re walking out of the 24-hour diner an hour and a half later, their fingers laced between them as she gently swings their hands back and forth. She’d gotten this wide, sparkling smile on her face when a little girl had hugged Wanda with all her might and thanked her for saving everyone, and the smile hasn’t so much as faded. He’s glad, because she looks really gorgeous like this, with her cheeks pink under the moonlight and her hair sort of falling in her face.

“She was,” he agrees. “Especially because she saw how amazing you are.”

“James,” Wanda breathes out on a laugh.

He squeezes her hand, draws her to his chest. He could never forget what a dainty little thing she is, but it’s even more obvious when they’re pressed together like this.  “You are, you know,” he tells her, cupping her jaw with his free hand. “Amazing.”

She hums, grasps the material of his jacket and stretches on her toes as he bends closer. “Thank you,” she whispers right before her lips brush against his. The kiss is soft, gentle, but his heart thrums in his chest, his pulse quickening and his skin tingling, like there’s a palpable shift in the air. Her lips are on his for only a few seconds, but he feels a little bit like he can’t quite breathe, can’t open his eyes. She lets out a little, barely there whimper, and he just knows that it’s the same for her. That she feels it, too.

“James?” she breathes, and he blinks his eyes open. Hers are still closed, that bright smile still tugging at the corner of her lips. “You’re amazing, too.”

She means something more, something better, and he grins like an idiot because he knows he’ll get to hear the real words soon enough.

Subject A0: In The Glade [Part 20, Finale + Epilogue]


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20/20 of Subject A0: In The Glade [ prev ]

“They took everything. They took her whole world. But little did they know that she found a new one in him.” (Newt x Reader)

A/N: Heads up! There are several point of views in this final part. Yes, final part, welp! Sorry this took so terribly long - I got really, crazy busy… but more importantly, I just want to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all the support I have received for this series. It makes me smile to see you liking my writing so thank you so much. I would have never believed my writing would reach so many people. Let me know what your favourite part from the series is! Hehe

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Guess what time it is!

Time for me to babble about an obscure, definitely not on the side of the good guys, probably not interesting to anyone else, character!

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Pairing:  Darcy Lewis/Peter Maximoff
For:  Anon Prompter
Prompt:  #14.  Toasted Marshmallows

The marshmallow was a little overdone and charred.  And Darcy, being the dainty little thing that she was (HA!) had decided to attempt to bite it in half.  Attempt being the operative word here.  

Peter snorted back a laugh when all she succeeded in was making a huge mess.  Marshmallow everywhere.  

Of course, then he leaned over and ran his tongue along her bottom lip, which ended up being the messiest kiss she’d ever had with someone.  

The messiest, stickiest, hottest kiss she’d ever had with anyone.

So that laugh was completely forgiven.  

Wedding Night (Newt/Tina)

SUMMARY: Newt and Tina on their wedding night. Mostly fluff, heavily implied sex (of course)

She was a practical, level-headed Auror, she would argue; she could handle almost anything thrown her way, and it didn’t take a lot to throw her off. Being married to a Magizoologist would perhaps take some time to get used to, especially as it meant she’d had to move across the Atlantic to England, but she could cope.

What she hadn’t anticipated was the sight of a lacy white shift in her suitcase.

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A tall plant jerked awake, red eyes darting back and forth. He searched around for the familiar sight of his extensive family, for the other green plants that were rooted just beside him.
But they were nowhere to be found. Instead, he found himself near a huge patch of elegant flowers. 
Oh how quaint, they were. The dainty little things, their petals moving from the ocean breeze.
This pure green figure had never seen such graceful plants. He was only accustomed to seeing his own, with the occasional fungus or uninvited weed.

Speaking of weed, he was one himself.
Though, it was only in name. He didn’t choke the life out of other plants, nor did he invade their space. In fact, was quite the opposite. 
The herb leaned forward, his claw-like hands softly pinching the petal of a pink tulip. It felt wonderfully soft, so alien to him.

“Hey! Careful with those!” 

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I’m starting to see some right-before-the-holidays-be-nice-to-retail-workers posts, so I want to just say a couple things you can do to make your local retail workers’ lives a little easier:

1. If you’re buying cards, especially multiple cards, face the barcode out. This isn’t a huge thing, but fumbling with the envelopes and trying to make sure not to miss any takes time.
2. ASK FOR GIFT RECEIPTS BEFORE YOU PAY. This one actually IS pretty big, as a lot of places require a manager to print them once a transaction is closed. And everyone gets mad about how long that can take, because managers are BUSY right now.
3. Be aware of the fact that many stores can’t match online prices. Don’t waste your time and your store workers’ time by arguing about it.
4. If you try and call your store, don’t get nasty if you have to wait awhile to get through. We’re all doing our best, but EVERYONE is calling or coming in this week, and no matter how many people we staff we’re very busy.
5. This is less a holiday thing, but always think through things you say to retail workers! They almost always have to be nice to you, even when you make them uncomfortable, and that dynamic makes things even more uneasy for them.

A Dress For The Knight

To continue my b-day party, I thought I would self-indulgently post an original short story of mine! This one was a colab betweeen myself and @asparklethatisblue. The art is Val’s, the writing is mine, and we came up with the concept together. This is the story we got into the Buff Babes Zine, now finally available for all to read for free!

*posts story and ambles off to make cake*

Please Enjoy!



Sindri veered away from the door to the little dressmaker’s shop and walked past it for the second time, palms sweating, before she took herself firmly by the scruff of the neck and marched herself right back to it. Alfregg said this was the place to go, so go to it Sindri would. She would not flee from this battle like an unseasoned stripling, even if the beautiful dresses on display in the window were certainly not intended for a dwarf of Sindri’s build. She took a deep gulping breath to brace herself and pushed through the door into the shop.

It was warm inside, cozy and homey in comparison to the larger tailor shops Sindri had attempted in the past. Bolts of fabric in all shades and materials lined the walls as both decoration and storage, joined by swatches of fine needlework. The air smelled of spiced tea, comforting and familiar, and Sindri had taken several bemused steps deeper into the shop before she caught sight of the proprietress.

The dressmaker was a dainty little thing, perched on the edge of a stool as lightly as thistledown to be wafted away with a breath of air. She hardly even had a beard, just fuzzy sideburns to either side of her pointy chin matching the weightless poof of pale hair on top of her head. She obviously had faery blood, and was the polar opposite of everything Sindri was.

Sindri very nearly turned tail and ran.

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“I began to believe in some inarticulate way that if I could only contain my body, if I could keep it from spilling out so far into space, then I could, by extension, contain myself. If I could be a slip of a thing, a dainty, tidy, bony little happy thing, then the crashing tide of self within the skin would subside, refrain from excess, be still.”

Wasted - Marya Hornbacher

Filthy Greaser

Harry Styles, a 20 year old East-sider with his leather jackets, slicked back hair and ripped jeans. Harry is the most known greaser in his community, the other boys look up to him and follow his lead. A smoking cigarette hanging out of the boy’s mouth whenever he walked around town and his aviator sunglasses perched on his nose.

“Aye Styles!” Zayn Malik, another greaser, one of Harry’s best friends calls out to him from outside the small shack of a house where Harry lived. Harry popped up off the couch, cigarette in hand and made his way outside. “Ah Zaynie boy!” Harry smiled wide, smoke emanating from his mouth when he talked. He went up to Zayn and bro-hugged him, “What brings you down here today aye Zaynie?” Harry grinned and took another drag of his cig. Zayn brushed off his old leather jacket and looked up at Harry, fixing his slick quiff. “There’s a movie night tonight down at the drive in. All us boys are going up to check out the scene. If you know what I mean” he winked and slapped Harry’s shoulder. Harry laughed and nodded, “Yeah man I’ll be up. Tell Niall there to bring up his truck for a little fun time in the bed” Harry wolf whistled and Zayn called out. “It’ll be a great time, I’ll see you then” he said before running back to his on/off girlfriend Perrie Edwards, another greaser, stark blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and dark makeup.

Harry didn’t have a girlfriend..well boyfriend really, if we’re honest. Harry was a different kind of gang leader, he was a gay one. Not that anyone really cared who he fucked, the point was, he was getting more than they were so they worshipped the boy.

Harry’s been will nearly all the greasers- even the straight ones wanted a piece of him. The Socs, well, they were a different ball game. Harry wanted to be with one of them and one in particular. Who you may ask? Well that’s easy, Louis Tomlinson.

Louis was the leader of the socs, at 22 years old. He has feathery brown hair, tight clothing, bright blue eyes and a big ass. Louis didn’t want anything to do with the greasers, after his sister got raped  by a greaser after a party the previous year.

“Tommo!” Liam, Louis’ best friend and neighbor, ran into the backyard where the pretty boy was playing footie. “Hi Li” Louis smiled bright, all his teeth showing and his eyes crinkling. “Want to come to the movie tonight?” Liam asked hopeful, wiping the sweat off Louis’ forehead with his sleeve of the school uniform- one the greasers never took a liking to wear, according to Harry’s ‘rule’.

“Um, yeah sure!” Louis bounced on his toes, being only 5 foot something with feminine features, Louis was a dainty little thing. “Alright cool! Let’s go get you changed” Liam smiled and took Louis’ arm, leading him inside.

“Hello Jay!” Liam waved softly to Jay, Louis’ mother where she was sat on the couch, reading one of her books. “Liam dear! Hello nice to see you” Jay smiled warmly and waved back. Liam bowed before Louis dragged him upstairs with a light and airy giggle.

Louis closed his door and bounced over to his closet, picking through his tight jeans and cardigans. “Don’t be mad, but there will be a few greasers there” Liam says quietly, his hands fumbling in his lap. Louis stops and turns to him, “I’m not going” he says sassily. Liam groans, “Louis just hear me out, please? There’s this guy Niall who invited me and he told me I could bring a friend. Lou I’m nervous, I need you there. Please come” he frowned, looking up at Louis with doe eyes. Louis huffed, “Fine. But I will not talk to anyone and if I get touched I swear to god-“ he gets cut off by Liam’s squeal and small claps, “Thank you thank you!” he chuckles. Louis rolls his eyes and throws a tan cardigan at him with a fond smile, “Shut it. You owe me”

Harry arrived at the drive in, half past 8, the movie already being started. Harry flicked his cigarette on the dirt and stomped on it with his hefty black boot. He looked around, searching for Niall’s old pickup and his friends, his leather vest blowing in the slight night breeze.

The thing about Harry was that he never had clothes on, well he did, just not covering himself completely. Harry had tattoos, a lot of tattoos that he liked to show off, so that’s just what he did.

“Ah” Harry grinned and bounded over to the boys, clapping each of them on the back and greeting them.

“Heya boys” Harry smiled and hopped in the bed of Niall’s truck where it was empty of people but filled with blankets. Zayn hopped up beside him and smiled wide, “Lookie there Harry, some socs decided to join us” he winks and points to Louis and Liam on blankets beside the truck.

Harry hums softly and examines Louis, looking over the dip of his back as he laid out on his stomach, the slightest bit of skin being exposed to the night air. Harry could practically smell the boy, the fancy cologne all the socs wear. “Hey pretty boy” Harry called, saluting to the West-sider. Louis looks over on instinct and rolls his eyes, getting an apologetic look from Liam. Harry raises a brow, “Come sit up here, I can see you shivering from here” he smirks. Louis rolls his eyes again and Liam nods. “Fine” Louis says bluntly and stands up, brushing off his knees and climbs into the bed of the truck. Zayn climbs out when Harry punches his knee and claps Louis’ back. “Don’t touch me” Louis says quickly and rather loud, getting a scoff from Zayn. Harry continued to smirk as he pushed off his leather vest and handed it out to Louis who only pushed it away with a delicate hand.

“Here’s a blanket” Harry said raspily, his voice rough from smoking. Louis smiled quick and took the blanket, curling into it with his eyes trained on the screen.

“I’m Harry” he says lowly into Louis’ ear, causing him to shiver. Louis scoots away, “M’Louis, don’t talk to me” he says defensively. Harry smirks again and moves closer, crowding him against the side of the truck. Louis squeaks, his eyes wide as he looks over at Harry. “Don’t hurt me” Louis whispers, tears forming in his eyes. Harry backs off and looks at him concerned, “I wasn’t going to hurt you. I just want to talk to you” he shrugs and rubs his arm comfortingly, feeling the ice cold skin. “Louis you’re freezing” he gasps and pulls Louis into his chest. Louis gasps at the hot skin that comes in contact with him and relaxes a bit. “Um yeah.. okay sorry” Louis mumbles. Harry smiles down at him and rubs over his arms, “Not going  to hurt you I promise” he whispers into his ear, his breath smelling of smoke making Louis grimace a bit.

Halfway through the movie, Harry’s hand had trailed down to Louis’ thigh, not like the smaller boy minded. Louis was completely pliant under Harry’s warm touches. “Hey Louis?” Harry grumbles. Louis leans his head back with a small hum in response. “Can I kiss you?” Harry asks quietly making Louis’ heart freeze. “I uh..I don’t know” Louis whispered, easily going red. Harry smirks and moves his head to the side, pressing a hot kiss to Louis’ jugular. “C’mon babe, just a kiss for Harry yeah?” he whispers against the skin, moving his lips over his jaw and pressing baby soft kisses to the cold skin. Louis gasps breathily and nods slowly, “Ye-ah okay” he breathes.

Harry smirks and nips at Louis’ earlobe and turns Louis in his lap, their chests pressed together. Louis whimpers a bit at the roughness of Harry’s hands on his hips, but soon relaxes into the warmth of the greaser’s mouth. Harry presses their lips together eagerly, waiting for Louis to kiss back, which he does, before sliding his tongue over the smooth expanse of Louis’ bottom lip. Louis gasps again and Harry slides his tongue into the dainty boy’s mouth, licking over his teeth.

A solid 10 minutes later, Louis was panting under Harry, Harry’s lips to his collarbones and whispering sweet words to him. Louis’ fingers were tangled in Harry’s greasy hair, tugging a bit everytime the wind blew, making goosebumps raise on his baby skin.

The movie finishes and Niall starts up the truck making Louis screech and jump under Harry’s wandering lips. Harry chuckles lowly and pulls out a cigarette, lighting it and sits on his knees. Louis sits up and gathers his shoes, going the the end of the bed, “Um.. thanks for tonight I guess” he says softly making Harry grin as smoke came from his mouth. Harry nodded, “Just swing by and I’ll give you anything you want pretty” he winks. Louis blushes bright and hops off the truck, brushing off his bum. “Yeah okay” he nods and walks back to Liam, waving when the truck pulled away.

More like, yeah okay give me your cock now, ya filthy greaser. xx.