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Drabble based on the conversation above 

“We’re leaving Hogwarts in a few days. I can’t believe it’s almost graduation.” Blaise muttered, nursing a butterbeer bottle in his hand while eyeing the crowd. The professors decided to throw a ball before the most awaited event and 5th years and up were invited. On his right was Draco Malfoy, staring pensively at a bushy haired girl just a few feet away from him. Blaise knew of his mate’s obsession with the muggleborn chit even though the former denied it time and again.

“We might never see some of these folks again you know. If i were you, I’d kiss the one you want most.” He smirked when he saw color staining Draco’s cheeks. The blond still didn’t say anything, fidgeting where he was seated.

After a few minutes of utter quiet, Draco suddenly stood up.

“Where are you off to?” Blaise asked, trying to rein in his glee. Fucking finally! It seems his best mate already has the courage to make a move.

“Where I should have been long ago.”

Draco trudged on, determined to reach the girl who occupied his dreams for years. Blaise’s words kicked him into action. He might never see this witch again. She might, after graduation, finally decide to take notice of her numerous suitors. The only thing that kept her attention off romance was her priorities. School comes first. This will drastically change when she’ll finally have the time for other..things.

She was almost within reach when a petite witch with a dark hair and hazel eyes suddenly blocked his way.


“Yes Draco?” Astoria blushed coyly, eyelashes fluttering as she glanced at the blond’s stormy eyes. Draco touched her arm - and gently pushed her away.

When she wouldn’t budge, he said “Can you move? I’m trying to get to Granger.”

Her jaw dropped, shock marring her face, making it easier for Draco to move out of the way and continue his stride towards Hermione.

Her back was turned when he reached her. Ever the shy bookworm, she tried to stay out of the festivities while her friends were having a fun time on the dance floor.


She turned and eyed him curiously, he was staring at her with that soulful grey eyes of his and it was making her nervous. “What do you want Malfoy?”

It took a few seconds before he was able to answer, seemingly steeling his resolve. When he spoke, her world came to a screeching halt.

“You. I want you.”

Her lips parted in surprise, eyes widening at his profession. Draco took full advantage, closing the distance between their lips — caressing, nipping, coaxing a response from her.

He moved his body closer, one hand plunging into her soft curls and the other gripping her hips, wanting her near.

She was warm, sweet..and she was not kissing him back.

He stopped.

Breathing deeply, Draco tried to compose himself after the blatant rejection. The urge to kiss her again was so strong but his confidence was waning. This wasn’t how he had imagined it! Well, if he was being honest, he really didn’t know what the outcome would be, but it seems his worst fears were realized when she stayed stiff in his arms.

Merlin’s left testicles! Just when he thought she also felt the same way with all the stares he’d been getting while he’s ‘busy’ faking his reading time in their common room. Guess his affection was a one-way street. Too bad, that.

Easing his hold on her, he was startled when he felt her dainty hands tugging his dress shirt.

“Don’t you dare stop now, you git.”

His confidence returned with a vengeance. He smirked and grabbed the witch, making her squeak in surprise.

“Never even crossed my mind, Granger.”

Choosing Betty, Part 3 (Jughead x Reader)

Part 1, Part 2

Imagine: You’re invited to a house party at Cheryl’s with none other than your boyfriend, James, your former best friend and the love of your life, Jughead, and his girlfriend, Betty. What could go wrong?

A/N: A special shout-out to @jasmineladjevardi for providing a lot of help in writing this chapter!

You stepped into the foyer of Thornhill Mansion and were met with a wave of heat and the stench of body odor and marijuana smoke. You allowed James to tug on your hand, leading you inside in the lavish residence.

After that tense conversation in the diner, you had returned home, retreating into your persona of James’s Girlfriend by re-doing your makeup and hair and slipping on a little black dress and heels, much to James’s delight.

You smiled at yours and James’s mutual acquaintances, sitting primly on a stool near the wall. James quickly gave you a red solo cup and a kiss, gallivanting off to find his friends. You sipped the mixed drink and bopped your head to the music, watching in tired amusement as the your hormone-crazed and inebriated peers grinded on the makeshift dance floor. You waved to Cheryl Blossom, your cheer captain and the party’s hostess, who regarded you from the balcony with the same vague distaste she regarded everyone.

The large manor doors swung open once more, revealing a sweet-as-ever Betty Cooper in a dainty pink dress, carting along her boyfriend, Jughead Jones III. Some stopped and stared at the odd pair and whispered in disapproval, but quickly returned to dancing. Betty was a River Vixen, after all. Anyone in her entourage was immune to the status quo of Riverdale High. Archie, Veronica, and Kevin followed closely behind.

Jughead spotted you in the crowd, and began to raise a hand in greeting. You avoided his eyes, tossing back the rest of your drink and quickly weaving through the dancing teens in search of James. Jughead made a move to follow, but halted, remembering Betty’s hand firmly ensconced in his.

Cheryl noticed this discreet exchange from her viewpoint on the balcony. Her red lips stretched into a sinister grin.

“Just when things were getting boring,” she pondered aloud. “It’s time that we had some fun tonight.”

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Ring of Fire

Imagine Thorin working at your family’s forge and slowly falling in love with him.

The market square was bustling as you set out a row of tarts along the counter of your stall, the awning above flapping gently with the summer breeze. Your sister, Raina leaned against the post next to you, gazing into the crowd with latent interest. Ever the gossip, she reveled in market days and the opportunity to savour the rumours swirling among the townsfolk of Ered Luin. Despite the staunch character of the dwarven race, many could not help wagging their tongues about the latest histrionics in the lives of their neighbours.

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It was fun to do though, not gonna lie. Hopefully my friend can help me fix up some mic settings and teach me how to tidy-up some audio.
And help me record a few other battles too. ;D It’ll be great~



Kept a girl waitin’! Bet its now. Oh, it’s time!
Gotta get the tools out to spit ya out a good rhyme.
Another breakdown? With damage, grease, and grime?
Oh no, it’s actually just you. Yeah, nevermind.

A dainty little princess all dressed in frills and white.
I would have called ya queen but you don’t have the might.
Cause I’m pretty sure a queen needs that someone, ‘Mr Right.’
But a shame that he’s gone to bang his boy toys tonight.

You come here with your pretty voice going ‘Oh Prince Noctis!’
But, girl, your freakin’ over him is just obnoxious.
Like, weren’t you two just kids when you gave this boy a chance?
You may not hear this much, but ‘keep it in your pants!’

But ya see here in the country, the hottest place to be,
There ain’t no one who’s better than fixin’ shit than me,
So silly girls like you so desperate to be wed,
Might really need that Hammer right straight to the Head.


I mean, I’m sorry, but who are you supposed to be?
A blond-haired bimbo with a pair of wanna-B’s?
You see, my appearance and stature remains consistent,
But you? You only have two things of special interest.

As a girl with the power to commune with gods,
It’s my right and bloodline to beat you and the odds
Are ever in my favor, call me Katniss Everdeen,
I’ll slay you, Miss Mechanic, make it Rage Against Machine.

Princess Lunafreya of the kingdom, Tenebrae,
I’m the motherfucking Oracle, so bitch, don’t even try
To call yourself a goddess. I’m afraid you will not
Reside amongst the strong and great, you silly little thot.

And now, my dearest prince, allow me this small chance
To teach this bitch that love will win across this great expanse.
I should write this down! No, wait a bit, it’s business for this gal.
But at least I have much more to say than ‘How ‘bout them decals?’

okay but imagine the grisha gals /ft. nina and inej/ living in a dorm together?? better yet, having their own sorority?? i’m talking some type of grisha kappa thau situation:

- rise and shine!!!!!! they all shout @ alina as it takes them an hour to drag her out of bed (and it still involves a lot of kicking and screaming on her part)
- genya, nina and nadia helping each other choose a outfit for the day
- nina goes for short denim skirts, flowy maxi dresses that cling to her body and hug her beautiful hips in JUST the right places, short bodycon tops /usually in bold, bright colours like red and coral and fuschia). needless to say there is no bra involved bc nina zenik gives zero frick fracks about her anatomy and particularly her nipples which are just that btw - nipples
- genya and nadia are more into dainty jewellery and cute dresses but genya always adds a bit of edge to her outfit by throwing on a chic leather bandana or some other unusual accessory
- meanwhile zoya carries herself like jessica jones: one pair of jeans and a black top but you can bet she looks DAMN good in that outfit
- tamar rounds them up and leads them to class but is the first to groan @ the boring lecture and start planning her escape
- tamar & nadia are often caught smooching in between classes and alina half-smiles, half-scoffs at them like, “smh girls don’t you have smth better to do”
- that is until tamar & nadia catch HER smooching with zoya and they can’t stop teasing her about it (she literally never hears the end of it bc they keep coming up with more puns and comebacks)
- inej is very diligent and goes to all her classes and always does her homework like three weeks before the deadline /the girls are in awe/ but she also spits in their sexist professor’s coffee, happily trips the asshole who muttered some ugly remark about nina’s leather shorts and is always ready to help her girls in case they don’t understand smth/need a little nudge during a particularly tough test
- nina’s in charge of refreshments and she has a habit of treating them to ice cream after class
- movie nights!! they always spend one day quarreling about what movie they wanna watch bc nadia and alina can’t stomach horror and tamar’s secretly into super cheesy romcoms while inej is a crime/action/drama fan and nina could just binge watch three episodes of antm no problem
- they usually settle for a harry potter marathon bc it’s like a middle ground and no one’s gonna complain
- they have so!! much!! fun!! together!!!!!!!!!
- literal squad goals
- other sororities could never

anonymous asked:

I love you for not feminizing Keith. I get that a lot of people like to feminize all the paladins but i really hate it particularly with Keith bc there is a long history of feminizing Asian men in hollywood and western culture. In the show, he's not weak and tiny, he's the same size as Lance! whenever I see artwork of him being "dainty" "petite" or dressed in women's clothing, it really just seems like more of the idea that Asians aren't MANLY or strong. Or it's a fetish which is worse

It’s more of a personal preference for me. I dislike seeing a feminine Keith especially since it doesn’t seem in character for him. (I’m like, weirdly picky on ooc-ness of characters. Sometimes I don’t mind but it’s a hit or miss.)

It’s definitely a no-no for me though. I just don’t like it. It reminds me of those dainty boys you’d see in yaois and I hate those. They’re always blushing and crying or something like that. Especially when it comes to ships, I’m not fan of differences like that.

You can have a strong feminine boy without making him look tiny and fragile. If I ever drew Keith feminine (which is unlikely bc all I ever draw is lance now), you can expect him to still remain fit and tall : /

But that’s just my preference for it at least

Steven Universe Aesthetic
  • Amythest: converse shoes, Nirvana band shirt, leaky faucet, no money, late night snacking, dogs, noisy bars, gold trim, boots, binge drinking, loyalty, late night texting, highlighter, winged eyeliner, screaming, chestnuts, bed hair, tight dresses, black eyes, sleeping in, tidal waves, obedience, smell of perfume, feathers, blankets, cut hair, the feeling of cold floors, the warmth of sunlight, worrying, the feeling of being inadequate, sunglasses, spikes, the red sea, grey socks, gifts.
  • Pearl:
  • crushed glass, pretty pink, classical music, lava, drowning, the sound of chimes, fire, the feeling of relief after crying, safety, the feeling of being home, churches, fluffy white dogs, lying, the full moon, papaya fruit, blank white rooms, quicksand, injured birds, roses, stuffed animals, twisted ankles, the flow of water, guilt, the feeling of silk, hard wood, the sound of gravel, red lipstick, dainty dresses, sleeping cats, midday television, drama, lights, orchids, bees.
  • Garnet:
  • earthquakes, black & white photos, chaos, scratchy throats, chocolate, standing in military formation, split ends, hibernating bears, tall trees, hazelnuts, the smell of fresh bread, dormant volcano, Christmas lights, self confidence, the felling of rain, boats, being indecisive, the smell of honey, reliable, in control, laughter, hand holding, calligraphy, hugs, the feeling of wanting to cry, bronze, eating hot food on a cold day, armour, electricity, loose ends.
  • Rose:
  • secrets, love, puppies, annoyance, the feeling of failure, rose gold, babies, recklessness, freckles, the pitter patter of feet, butterflies, makeup, swans, a broken clock, shut blinds, scratched skin, birthmarks, dust, sleeping lions, mirrors, flowers in a field, clouds, a burning sun, a far off star, moss, graduation, sand, being disloyal, heatwaves, traveling, droughts, immortals , the feeling of fear, severeness, survival, cups of tea, angels, star signs, humanity, ribbons.
  • Steven:
  • toy boxes, forgiveness, reality, forests, clearings, singing, binge watching TV, junk food, the feeling of belonging, betrayal, daring, stripes, ugly furniture, the smell of spices, cardboard, the colour green, monkeys, pianos, walking, clear sky's, dark eyes, Disney movies, jumpers, cowboys, jumping up and down, striking peacocks, grey areas, exceptional, hybrid, faeries, airplanes, racing, chipmunks, squares, cuddles, abandonment, accomplishment.<p/></p>