Delicate and Dainty Vintage-Inspired Jewelry by Villa Sorgenfrei

Berlin-based designer Claudia Poepsel is the mastermind behind indie jewelry shop Villa Sorgenfrei. As a frequent traveler, Poepsel has collected vintage treasures from all over the world. Inspired by the delicate details of these antique adornments, she began crafting a collection of accessories that beautifully marries today’s modern trends—resin and the use of real specimens found in nature—with the elegant beauty and artistry of the past. You can check out the rest of the talented makers extensive handmade collection over at Etsy.

anonymous asked:

That thing Louis does at concerts where he blows a gentle kiss to fans in the crowd and wiggles his tiny fingers afterward.... he looks so dainty and flamboyant is such a beautiful sight tbh

it’s honestly so cute and pure, bonus: his lil wink 😩