daintiest thing under a bonnet charity ball

On the train back from The Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Charity Ball, and I just had a BRILLIANT time. Got to wear my prom dress again, so I’m glad I’m getting my money’s worth out of that scarlet gown, woo.

And I won a raffle. I WON A THING! Books! Ahahahhaaaaa~

And won a lot in the silent auction! A print of naturalshock’s ‘Suicide of a Fake Genius’. I can’t wait to put that up in my dorm. Honorary position next to my giant Doctor Who poster, I think.

Apparently I kind of hit the jackpot of gift bags, cause Cursedcamper and Pixiefallingupsthestairs and I just went through them and they are mildly envious of the unusually large amount of awesome stuff I got.

Also I got to meet many lovely people, including Aubre-rose who had fantastic hair and I didn’t compliment her on it and later regretted my silence. So HEY Aubre, your hair is magical!

Ahhhh I am high on life right now.

Expect photos soonish.