daintiest thing under a bonnet

Even in “Scandal”, Holmes is gay

A Scandal in Bohemia

Holmes about Irene Adler: Oh, she has turned all the men’s heads down in that part. She is the daintiest thing under a bonnet on this planet. So say the Serpentine-mews, to a man.

This is important: he has never seen her: he is only quoting somebody else. So please do not come with “the woman” here… Especially as her fiancee is described very flatteringly by Holmes after he has seen him – and twice:

Holmes about Godfrey Norton: He is dark, handsome, and dashing

Still about him: He was a remarkably handsome man, dark, aquiline, and moustached

Two important conclusions can be drawn: Holmes appreciates Mr Norton’s beauty, but not Irene Adler’s. And Holmes likes moustaches.

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So it’s Tumblr official: the Baker Street Babes have announced that I won the giveaway to attend the Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Charity Ball benefitting the Wounded Warriors project!

First of all, I am so thankful to Erin W. for donating her ticket and her husband’s military service. As the Babes said in their post, I’m a new arrival to NYC and have been so busy looking for work and getting my husband and two cats settled in that more than a couple of major life events have been lost in the shuffle, let alone time to find this city’s wealth of fannish energy. But I’m thrilled to be attending the ball and finally meeting some fellow Sherlockians. Thank you all again, ladies, and see you in January!

Post #3: Holmes and Adler

The most popular argument old-school Holmes scholars make in defense of Holmes’s heterosexuality is his associations with Irene Adler. However, even the briefest of analyses of A Scandal in Bohemia, the only story in which she appears, prove this defense to be fruitless.  While it is true that, to Holmes, Adler “eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex,” the detective most definitely “did not feel any emotion akin to love” for her, according to his loyal biographer.  Even if we do not want to take Watson at his word, however, there is other evidence in the text to support this.

He is most definitely not physically attracted to her.  The two times Holmes describes her beauty, it is in relation to how other men perceive her.  He tells Watson, “…she has turned all the men’s heads down in that part. She is the daintiest thing under a bonnet on this planet. So say the Serpentine-mews, to a man.”  Later, when he sees Adler’s face for himself, he merely says that she was “a lovely woman, with a face that a man might die for.”  Her fianceé, on the other hand, gets a much more flattering treatment from Holmes, who describes Godfrey Norton as “a remarkably handsome man, dark, aquiline, and moustached.”  The disparity between Adler’s “lovely” and Norton’s “remarkably handsome” is striking, and clearly demonstrates where Holmes’s preferences lie.

So why, then, does this woman–the woman–grab Holmes’s interest in such a unique way?  Other pro-queer Holmesian scholars have suggested that it was because of the fact that she crossdresses at the end of the story–that Holmes does not really show any interest in her until after he realizes that she was the “man” who passed him and Watson on the street the night before and bid them goodnight.  However, Holmes’s interest most likely stems from the fact that she was intellectually masculine, by Victorian standards. The Crown Prince of Bohemia describes her as having “the face of the most beautiful of women, and the mind of the most resolute of men.”  The idea that women are intellectual inferiors and that only men can reason is of course glaringly untrue and extremely sexist, especially in our modern-day perspective.  But in the 19th century, this would have been a given.  In addition, it’s quite possible that Doyle made this specification so that us as readers would have a clue as to Holmes’s proclivities–he is not physically attracted to her distinctly feminine aesthetic, but he becomes interested in her on an intellectual level because of the “masculine” characteristics she possesses.  He does keep Adler’s photo as a keepsake at the end of the story, a move that some have interpreted as an indication of Holmes’s romantic interest in her.  However, the fact is that Holmes simply enjoys collecting tokens as keepsakes of his more interesting cases.  Indeed, he sets a precedent for this sentimentality earlier in the story–he tells Watson he’s going to keep the sovereign Adler gave him when he was disguised as a groom on his watch chain.


We are absolutely delighted to announce the Baker Street Babes’ 221B Con schedule of appearances and podcast topic!

Sunday at 10:00 am is our live podcast! The topic at hand will be:

Ashley Polasek and Sherlockian Film Since 1900

Ashley Polasek is an “Aca-Sherlockian,” happily living at the crossroads of academia, traditional Sherlockiana, and contemporary fandom. She has spoken about Sherlock Holmes at academic conferences across the US, UK, and continental Europe, and she will graduate with her PhD on adaptations of Sherlock Holmes in July of 2014. She has been published in the Baker Street Journal, and was a speaker at the “Behind the Canonical Screen” conference in Los Angeles in 2012; she will co-edit (with Lyndsay Faye) the conference’s companion volume for the BSI Press. Ashley has been previously interviewed on CNN International and CBS Sunday Morning, and she can be found on Twitter @SherlockPhD.

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The above is a picture of Ashley holding Thank You Carrot, a large gift to the Babes for their charity efforts following the first Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Ball to benefit Wounded Warrior Project.  We can’t wait for the interview and hope you’ll join us!

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Here is a complete (barring last-minute additions) list of the Baker Street Babes’ 221B Con panels, in alphabetical order of BABE:


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–From House to Psyche

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–Young Sherlock Holmes


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–Paget, Steele, and Gibson: Illustrators of an Era

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–Live Podcast

–Cabin Pressure


2013. Hot damn.

It’s hard to summarize a year that’s been so crazy. It all started with being invited to the BSI Dinner, which was a huge deal, personally, for me. We held our first event at BSI Weekend, The Daintiest Thing Under A Bonnet Charity Ball, and raised nearly $3,000 for The Wounded Warrior Project. BSBs Kafers and Ardy were able to make it over to NYC for the event, and at the end of the ball, Melinda was inducted as a BSB.

From there it was 221B Con (which BSB Taylor is a board member) where we got to do a live podcast to a crowd over 100 people and be on a ton of panels. It was the first time I got to meet BSB Amy and Sarah in person, and was an amazing weekend, getting to meet fellow fans and gosh, fans of ours. That’s always such a humbling experience.

Scintillation of Scions was at the beginning of summer, where both Lyndsay and myself were presenters.

It was at SDCC that I felt most honored to be part of this amazing Sherlock fandom. Along with The Nerdy Girlie, Sherlock DC, & Being Geek Chic, I hosted SherlockeDCC: a Sherlock party that boasted 400 guests including the Sherlock team of Steven Moffat, Sue Vertue, Mark Gatiss, and both the teams from BBC Worldwide and PBS. It was an experience I can’t even begin to describe. It was a pride I had never felt and also sheer terror, haha. Through that we got our 11th BSB, Liz, who runs Being Geek Chic. Just one away from a dozen, now!

For myself, it also sparked my desire to do this professionally. I moved back to London and started a course in radio, which I am insanely happy in: getting to play both producer and presenter. It’s all due to Sherlock and its fandom, and so to memorialize that, I got 221B tattooed. It’s where this all came from, it’s what inspired me. Thank you all, so very much, for all you’ve done.

The invitation to see The Empty Hearse was a moment of sheer joy and I may have cried a little.

For two and a half years we’ve been doing this podcast and each year is better than the last. That’s all down to you. Thank you for your support and we hope 2014 will be even more amazing… we have a feeling it will be.

With much love and even more respect,

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