Speaking of Nero, I think that the Nero from the Boktai games and the one from Lunar Knights are the same being. In the timeline where Django did not escape the Sealed Prison, leaving Ratatosk to lay waste to the world with Vanargand and Sabata, San Miguel was wiped clean off of the map and buried under a volcano. During this time, the residual Dark Matter within Nero’s body from when he was possessed by Dainn amplified and destroyed Nero’s body, causing him to be absorbed by Perrault, the traitorous Terrenial who sided with the Vampires. Since then, Nero waited for his chance to escape, eventually choosing the night of Sartana’s death to do so. This caused him to become a Terrenial, as he is now a being of pure elemental energy.

„Vier Hirsche sind’s auch, die mit gebogenen Hälsen
an den Trieben [Yggdrasils] nagen:
Dainn und Dwalinn,
Duneyrr und Durathror. […]
Die Esche Yggdrasil erduldet Mühsal,
mehr als man weiß;
der Hirsch weidet oben, und an der Seite fault es,
Nidhögg beschädigt unten.“

– Grímnismál, Stophe 32, 35

Pick 5 OTPS, before you read the questions, then answer them, tag people when you’re done.

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1) Lina/Gourry (Slayers)
2) Kirito/Asuna (Sword Art Online)
3) Eir/Dainn (Lunia Online)
4) Yomiko/Nancy (Read or Die)
5) Shiris/Orson (Record of Lodoss War)

It’s obscure ship day. Mostly.

1) Do you remember the episode/movie you started shipping 5?

Oh God well it wasn’t very prominent in the OVA but in Chronicles of the Heroic Knight it was when Orson started having emotions again and Shiris was being bratty and he JUST WANTED TO PROTECT HER.

2) Have you read fanfiction of 2?

NOPE. I don’t plan to.

3) If 3 was to suddenly break up, what would be your reaction?

HAHAHA IT CAN NEVER HAPPEN BECAUSE IT IS AN MMO WITH A PLOT THAT IS DONE AND OVER WITH SO IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. Also I would be very confused and sad because Dainn you are so protective and you did SO MUCH WORK TO REVIVE HER why would you do that you love her obviously.

4) Why is 1 so important?

I wouldn’t say they’re any more or less important than the others, really, but the relationship is SO CUTE and goofy and it’s amazing.

5) Is 4 a serious or funny ship?

100% fucking real I do not fuck around with this ship.

6) Out of all the ships, which has the most chemistry?

Errybody. Shiris/Orson and Eir/Dainn probably have the least chemistry in canon which is a stretch because I’ll go down with these fucking ships but yeah.

7)Out of all the ships, which has the strongest bond?

Fugggggg Asuna/Kirito and Lina/Gourry tie. I just can’t pick.

8) How many times have you read/watched 2’s fandom?

Season 1 has been viewed three times and SAO2 has been viewed only twice because Mother’s Rosario fucks me up.

10) Which ship has lasted longer? Canonically?

hahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhahah…hah… fuck you. Lina/Gourry kinda? I mean it’s not official because they’re shy, but it’s definitely a thing. Asuna/Kirito is the only 100% official we-have-declared-dating ship on this list so…

11) How many times, if ever, have 5 broken up?

Well there is this little thing called canon sinking a ship before it even sails because someone FUCKING DIES…

12) If the world was suddenly thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which ship would it be?

I don’t really understand the question…

13) Did 4 have to hide their relationship for any reason?

Never official. Cry.

14) is 5 still together?

*cries in a corner*

16) if all five ships were put into a couple’s hunger games, which couple would you think win?

tbh I don’t think any of the above would be willing to kill others, but Lina easily has the most destructive power of the lot so I’m going to go there.

17) Has anyone tried to sabotage 5’s relationship?


18) which ship do you defend to the death and beyond?

All of the above.

19) Have you spent hours a say going through 3’s tumblr page?

It does not exist. Too obscure. Too rare.

20) If an evil witch descended from the sky and said you had to pick one of the ships to break up for good, which would you sink?


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"I know what an accident means!" Clyde barks, just about angry. "What I meant was, what was the accident!? An' yeah, I know what happened to my grandpa. Pa' had to purify him in the Piledriver because he was turned into a Vampire and he was possessed by Dainn. An' for that matter, I know what happened to my granny too. Pa' and Uncle had to kill her because she was fused to Hel and there was no choice." He then scrunches up his face, obviously not liking the topic. "Uncle said grandpa bit pa' too

Django’s eyes narrow when the boy yells, but waits for them to finish. So he HAD been right. Either that, or the universe was out to get him.

The first thing to do at least was to get the blade from the child’s hand. Hostering the gun on his belt, the Immortal vanishes suddenly, grabbing the boy and putting them in the opposite position from the rest of the weapons. He had managed to yank the blade from the boy’s hand as well, cutting his hand before he tossed it away.

“The ‘accident’ I speak of is the massacre of all who once lived in this city.” Django watched the boy’s body language and eyes, prepared in the case that they went for the sword again. He hated using that sort of bluntness, but if not immediate, he would likely take a while, likely crying as he’d explain.

Now for his own question. “Do you recognize me?” Hints were all there for this child to understand who he was. The Solar Gun, appearance, scarf….if the child didn’t get it, well, he got the naivete from Django himself.

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Boktai Headcanon: In Boktai 2, when Violet sees Black Django, she says Django "looks like Nero". She also talks about how Nero "doesn't care much" for chocolate. We know Nero is possessed by Dainn for almost the entirety of the game, but he seems to be able to leave Nero's body at will. Conclusion? Dainn must have shown himself to Violet at some point in the game. But that's just a theory. A GAME THEORY.

Well, he was bound to slip up at some point. Even Vampire lords make mistakes sometimes.

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Clyde's face brightens. "He sure did! Everybody knows 'bout Jormungandr! My dad an' my uncle sealed the big slithery freak with the help of the whole town an' Otenko after the old seal broke when Dainn tried to free it." He then narrows his eyes, still refusing to lower the sword. "Wait, why are you asking about the Eternal? And what do you mean by 'accident'?"

“Did your Father ever tell you what happened to him for the duration of the incident? Perhaps something involving his own Father, your grandfather, Ringo?” Now Django, this one here, would have tried to hide his bite marks, keep the fact of the dark blood in him secret from his children. Had he been fortunate enough to have had any at least. But another version could have done differentially, telling the kids early on, making sure to teach them right.

“By ‘accident’, meaning it was not the original intention to bring them harm.” He never liked to tell of the massacre that he had done years back.