as promised, here are the designs i made for the holy “markings” for the twelve bloodlines in fe4 plus satan loptyr! i did them pretty quick so apologies for the parts that aren’t very clean…..

obviously, the mark of naga is taken from awakening. i just turned it into a vector really lazily.

(i have no idea how to spell any of these in english. i’m really out of the loop when it comes to awakening localizations, so feel free to tell me if any of these were actually given official localized names since i honestly don’t know.)

Dainne was wandering the halls between classes, trying to decide if she should skip Muggle Studies or not.  With a sigh she made her way to the Great Hall, and seeing it deserted, laid down on one of the tables and stare at the ceiling. She was about to close her eyes, when she heard someone else walk in.  “Can I help you?” She asked, turning to face them.