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okay so this is my shiny new 2013 follow forever because i only really got into the whole tolkien verse about a year ago (actually it was the 22nd of january 2013 because i’d just been to see auj for the first time buT I DIGRESS) and i’ve met and befriended so many wonderful people and followed so many more and wow it’s been a really good year on here and i’m glad to be able to put this together as a way of appreciating the people who’ve made my year on tumblr a good one - thank you! ((also there were so many of you who i missed out due to not being able to find your new urls etc. but if i follow you i probably love you guys and think ur hella rad!!))

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Based on this thing (http://dwimmerlaiks.tumblr.com/post/67698158568/im-laughing-im-imagining-melkors-bed-and-sauron-is) from a few days ago. I thought you might appreciate a drawing :|

Submission by takingthehobbitstonightvale

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daIN IRONFOOT bc i know unlike ellie u will actually appreciate him


character: meh | haha nope | annoying |okay | like them | cutie | love them | flawless | he killed azog stopped thrain goin apeshit in moria also brought a cool army from da iron hills 2 help cousin thorin how nice of him
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mirrormeres and dainironfoots

done mirrormeres

yay amelie is amazing we used to be good friends before she decided to leave for a bit I’m so glad she is back now! amazing blog beautiful theme and sidebar pretty edits, one of my fave blogs :)

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im laughing im imagining melkors bed and sauron is occupying 40% of it and the wargs 50% of it and melkor is squeezed in on the edge falling out of bed multiple times a night and never being able to sleep thats probs why he is so agressive most of the time