Hold You Tight - a Daine/Numair Fanmix (x)

- The intention with this was to try and encompass all of their relationship; starting back with their strong though strictly platonic bond in the first few books moving on to their later romance and everything in between - 

You’ll Be In My Heart - Phil Collins (Wild Magic)

For one so small you seem so strong/my arms will hold you keep you safe and warm/this bond between us can’t be broken/I will be here don’t you cry/‘cuz you’ll be in my heart/yes, you’ll be in my heart/from this day on/now and forever more

Lighthouse - Love, Robot (Wild Magic/Wolf-Speaker)

I know you’ll raise some questions/I know just how hard things can get/and when the waves come crashing down/I will not let them get you wet/easy, you’ll be safe/I am your way out/I know I was made/ to be your lighthouse

Wild Child - Enya (Just about anywhere)

In My Arms - Plumb (Emperor Mage)

Your baby blues/so full of wonder/your curly-Qs/your contagious smile/and as I watch/you start to grow up/all I can do/ is hold you tight

Hollow And Bold - Marla Hansen (Emperor Mage)

But later in my room/I turn the lights out and cover up the mirror/I light a candle for my dear departed teacher/and what I needed to say/now I can say alone
Of all the things I never told you/this is the lump in my throat/no matter who’d have come a-callin’/I would have stayed with you

Don’t Stand So Close To Me - The Police (The Realms of the Gods)

Temptation/frustration/So bad it makes him cry/wet bus stop/she’s waiting/his car is warm and dry

Eric’s Song - Vienna Teng (Emperor Mage/The Realms of the Gods)

Strange how I fit into you/as a distance erased with the greatest of ease/strange how you fit into me/a gentle warmth filling the deepest of needs
How swiftly we choose it/the sacred simplicity of you at my side

Two Is Better Than One - Boys like Girls feat. Taylor Swift (The Realms of the Gods)

So maybe it’s true/that I can’t live without you/and maybe two is better than one/but there’s so much time/to figure out the rest of my life/and you’ve already got me coming undone/and I’m thinking two is better than one

Dress & Tie - Charlene Kaye feat. Darren Criss (The Realms of the Gods)

I’ll wear that dress if you wear that tie/and baby, we’ll dance through the night/'cause no one’s got what we got going/happiness never held on to me/until you had me see/that together we’re just better off

Awake - Josh Groban (The Realms of the Gods)

So keep me awake for every moment/give us more time to be this way/we can’t stay like this forever/but I can have you next to me today
We’ll let tomorrow wait/you’re here, right now, with me/and all my fears just fall away/when you are all I see

Notes - I treat all Enya songs as instrumentals. Even if they have words. The lyrics do fit in a way, but not so much that I could pick out distinct ones. Also, Don’t Stand So Close To Me is totally me being ridiculous. I couldn’t pass up using it.

Numair dragged off his tunic, clumsily wrapping it around his left arm. He was grinning. Kel looked up and gasped. A golden eagle spiraled down from the sky. Numair extended his wrapped arm and the eagle landed on it with authority.
“So you found me, dear one,” Numair said, and kissed the creature on the beak. “I’ve missed you.”
Kel guessed who the eagle must be as the bird preened Numair’s hair with its murderous beak. This had to be Numair’s lover and Kel’s friend, Daine. Kel had seen her as a golden eagle more than once.

- Lady Knight, Tamora Pierce, pg. 147

How did I completely forget that this scene existed?! I’m just casually reading Lady Knight because I wanted Kel feels and suddenly THIS happened.