Numair dragged off his tunic, clumsily wrapping it around his left arm. He was grinning. Kel looked up and gasped. A golden eagle spiraled down from the sky. Numair extended his wrapped arm and the eagle landed on it with authority.
“So you found me, dear one,” Numair said, and kissed the creature on the beak. “I’ve missed you.”
Kel guessed who the eagle must be as the bird preened Numair’s hair with its murderous beak. This had to be Numair’s lover and Kel’s friend, Daine. Kel had seen her as a golden eagle more than once.

- Lady Knight, Tamora Pierce, pg. 147

How did I completely forget that this scene existed?! I’m just casually reading Lady Knight because I wanted Kel feels and suddenly THIS happened.