The 1975 Asks!

~Just decided I’ll try to make something like this~

1. Pink era or Black and white era?

2. Robbers music video or A Change of Heart music video?

3. Favorite song of the debut album “The 1975″?

4. Favorite song off the “I like it when you sleep…” album?

5. If you could put together a 10 song setlist for the 1975, what songs would you choose?

6. Brunette Geroge Daniel or Blond George Daniel?

7. Bring back “Milk” or bring back “Antichrist”? 

8. You get to pick two opening acts for the 1975, who do you pick?

9. Favorite lyric(s) from the debut album?

10. Favorite lyric(s) from I like it when you sleep…?

11. You have the chance to meet one the 1975 member of your choosing, who do you pick?

12. Would you rather the 1975 never plays “Sex” again or “Robbers” ?

13. Floral shirt Matty Healy or Leather jacket Matty Healy?

14. A The 1975 song that inspires you/makes you feel creative?

15. Would you rather be friends with the 1975 but only get to see them 5 times in all or would you rather not be friends with the 1975, never meet them, but get to see them unlimited times?

16. “She had a face straight out of the magazines” or “You used to have a face straight out of the magazines?”

17. Somebody Else or The Sound?

18. You’re in charge of figuring out the new the 1975 era’s color, what color do you pick?

19. Five the 1975 songs you’d kill to see live?

20. The 1975 member you relate the most to?

Happy Pride Month guys!! 

I got like super inspired out of nowhere to do a big pride picture with all of my personal, home grown original characters. 

Each of them, legit each of them, started off as Cis and Straight. But as I grew older, discovering who I was and what my gender and sexuality was, they grew as well. 

It took so long for me to find who I am. Even still at 23 I’m wondering and feeling things out and ya know what? That’s totally fine! You can still change, learn, and discover. Your starting point is never the finish line. I’m saying this because even if you’ve heard it 100 times; 101 just might do something for ya. 

So keep discovering yourselves! There’s nothing wrong you and no matter what you think you matter. You’re important. And I support you.

From Left to Right:

Dainel “Dain/Diana” Fang Darkness - Genderfluid/Pansexual (Fire Dragon)
Flipohara “Flipp” Aquashinu - TransMale/Bisexual (Water Demon)
Viola “Violet” Riva - Bisexual (Ice Dragon)
Cinderella “Ella” Visor - Polyamorous/Bisexua (Psychic)  
Devon Louis LaParamore - Asexual/Agender (Vampire)


It’s me!!! I’m totes Pansexual what even right?