daimao piccolo

He doesn’t get it

Katas: Psst! Guru! Look ^_^ *shows him an egg*
Guru: Wha - Katas, is that yours?!
Katas: Yep ^_^ Laid it this morning.
Guru: Oh - congratulations! I… I didn’t even know you had a mate.
Katas: Yeah, uh… I… *blush* I don’t.
Guru: What?! But - Katas, your heart isn’t pure! The elders specifically forbade you from having a child on your own, in case your inpurities passed on and made it evil!
Katas: Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. I’ll make sure he grows up into a decent person, it’s not like I’m going anywhere.
Guru: … Have you seen Dragonball?
Katas: No?
Guru: Watch Dragonball.
Katas: Okay…?

*a couple of hours later*

Katas: *watching Dragonball* … Oh.
Guru: Yep. See what I mean now?
Katas: Oh my God…
Guru: Now do you see what will happen if you don’t have a mate?
Katas: Oh - MY GOD! Guru, look! How cool is this?!
Guru: What…?
Katas: One of my kids becomes the GUARDIAN of Earth, and the other one’s a hot badass that rules the world!
Guru: But -
Katas: *hugs his egg* I love my babies!
Guru: *sweatdrop* I… I don’t think you’re interpreting this the way I intended…


(Okay so I know it wouldn’t actually go down like this but I thought it was funny 😂)