Kita tak pernah tau bagaimana Allah dapat mempertemukan dan memisahkan kita secara tak diduga dengan seseorang. Aku selalu mengagumi bagaimana Allah mempertemukanku dengan orang-orang hebat yang ku kenal selama ini. Betapa beruntungnya aku ketika mengenalnya dan mendapat manfaat dari mereka semua. Aku pun juga bersyukur karena Allah selalu menjauhkanku dari orang-orang yang tidak menomor satukan-Nya. Bagaimana Allah menjauhkan orang-orang yang membenci dan mendzalimiku. Dan membuatku belajar dan memahami arti kehidupan. Tidak, tidak aku tidak sebaik itu. Ataupun se alim itu. Aku hanya ingin mengingat apa yang telah Allah beri dan menyadarkanku untuk selalu bersyukur serta berbuat baik. Karena kita semua berbuat salah kan? Tapi jangan teruskan kesalahan itu dan perberatlah timbangan kebaikanmu. Malang, 1 Agustus 2016. Menyambut hari baru di bulan Agustus :)

Love is not like shopping at the supermarket. You can’t pick out the things you like to create an ensemble of a person. You have to take the good, the bad, and the ugly and accept it. And pray that they are the right fit for you. And if they aren’t, don’t be afraid to let them go and start all over again.
—  Supermarket by Shakeitha
If you feel too busy, you are

Give yourself permission to be un-busy. Give yourself an hour or a day to simply be. Allow yourself the luxury of a small retreat. Allow your spirit time to be restored. Even God took a day of rest. 

1598 words (14072 total) on a short story that's probably going to be a novella, that still needs a title.

I think this still has a solid narrative arc, and I think I’m keeping the narrative voice consistent. But it’s the first draft, so I don’t need to worry too much about that right now. A line I wrote today that I like a lot: 

I couldn’t imagine a life without going to the movies any more than I could imagine a life without television. I felt like I was talking to a time traveler, which I guess in some ways I was.

1076 words (11669 total) on the rewrite of Ravenswood, a short supernatural horror story.

Applying feedback and notes, expanding parts of the story, trimming others. Moving stuff around to make it flow more organically, rewriting dialog because I know the characters more intimately now.

I haven’t done serious and meaningful writing on this in over a month, and boy does it feel good to get back to work.