It’s the circle of pieeeee(fe)!

Sorta a mini group pic yay :D












Oh and I also (tried) to imitate the style of the blogs a bit :3

​Random details under the cut~

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Part one of the Wott Backstory (Click here for the Storyline Archive!)

Cameos: @dailyshellos, @dailyshinyscolipede, the pink lemonade osha that @butting-heads claimed from the giveaway, and baby version of @dailyshinyampharos


Congratulations! The Egg hatched into a male Popplio!


At long last, the egg has hatched!! I want to thank @occasionalswablus for giving me the egg and inspiring me to take on this plot, and @dailypokedaycare for helping me out in planning and writing/drawing this lil plot as a collaboration! You two are amazing people, thank you SO much you two!! <3

Bonus panel:

Would this do, anon? ;3

Sorta response to this

I do not own the music (surprise)~










and a random Haunter I guess :V


yeah, they’re cool! in fact, i met this li’l guy when i was out today and he was so cute i just had to give him this hat i finished a while back! it looks good on him, doesn’t it?

@imjustherefortheart ft. @dailyshinyampharos‘ bell pepper!

(shiny m!a: 7/10)

((Since I’m still pretty bad at interacting with other daily/ask blogs, I decided that I’m going to make fanart for some of my favorite daily/ask poke-blogs at least once a week! :] I want to share how much I love these blogs, and how much they’ve motivated me to make mine!

Starting with the first daily blog I’ve followed… @dailyshinycutiefly !! Both hilarious and cute, seeing Blush in my dashboard always manages to make me smile. :D))

Bonus drawings feat. Pharos:


???: Please, hold your applause, I know I’m the greatest! Your kind words are very appreciated~ Yes, I’d love to share my amazing singing talents with you, little one! As for the rest of you, maybe you’ll be lucky to hear my encore!

And I’m not here for a ‘date’ or anything like that, I live on this little island! This island and the wide open ocean are what I’ve called home since I was very little! Some new faces is always welcome, of course, so feel free to stick around. I’m only alone right now because Klutz says my singing annoys them and I think Gem went to take a nap? You’ll have to find them yourselves.

Oh, right! Introductions are in order! Sorry ‘bout that~

Granny’s Ref page has been unlocked!

(feat. Lullaby from @dailyashleighraichu, Sylveons from @occassional-sylveonbrothers, and Bell Pepper from @dailyshinyampharos
and @shadowy-rings )


After moving, moving again, work picking up, getting sick, working picking up again…

I’m finally back!!

Sorry again for all the absences but now that I’m settled things should be smoother!! I can’t promise I won’t miss days but I promise to try harder not to miss too many in a row!

I cleared out some old asks, but to celebrate returning I’m going to be doing fusion asks!! Or interaction asks!! So send ‘em in!

Also be sure to check out @dailyshinyampharos who also just came back too!!

Wait, something’s not right here…

( <3 You’re amazing, keep it up!! - guess who! )


@dailyshinyampharos …you’re the absolute BEST  ;v ;

lookit my bffs  ๑♡ヾ☆*。ARTWORK !! ilysm