No matter which era you discovered her, or what she was doing, you will always get the same Reba. Whether its in TV, music, film or stage - she will be trying to make you laugh, cry, and smile. She will be trying to help you heal and see a way forward.

She is strong in her beliefs and always has been, nobody’s ever successfully told her no. She loves to travel with an open mind, open to cultures, people, stories and emotion. She loves her family, her teams and everyone around her. She appreciates and she understands. Her values and personality haven’t really changed despite her fame.

These are the qualities she has given to her family, friends and her fans. We are all one family, whether we’re Tweebas, McEntires, fellow celebrities or fans of only a few things - she has touched your life. We are loyal and we do not fight. She keeps us strong, and she has made us better people. Thank you, Reba.

Reba McEntire to participate in special livestream interview from The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

“The inimitable Reba will participate in a special interview at The Country Music Hall of Fame® And Museum on Saturday 10th August.

Program is presented in conjunction with the August 9th Opening of the Museum’s Exhibition Reba: All the Women I Am, a biographical exhibit which will run for 10 months in the museum’s East Gallery. The exhibition will run through June 8, 2014.

The August 10th program, which will take place in the museum’s Ford Theater at 2:30pm (8pm/20:00hrs GMT), will feature Reba sharing highlights of her life and career; it will also include archival video and photographs.

It will also be streamed live at www.countrymusichalloffame.org.”

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Daily Reba

Welcome to Daily Reba! This blog has pictures, videos, links to fan websites, recent news, quotes, songs - all things Reba! If there’s anything you’d like to ask about something I’ve posted, something…

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McEntire Multimedia would like your help!

Hey Reba fans! More about McEntire Multimedia here.

Firstly, they are doing a countdown of The Greatest Reba McEntire Songs of All-Time. They would like people to send them a list of their Top 20 favorites. (2 lists, one of just official releases and the other unrestricted which can include covers/live performances.) More info here or email them with your lists on mcentiremedia@yahoo.com.

Also, if you’re a little frustrated with the lack of action on the RebaNet forum, they have created a new forum on their website. It’d be great if you could join and we’ll kick up a new community, plus they add a new video every week exclusive to forum members!

Useful Links: Website - Twitter - Forum

Thanks everyone!