Heaps excited for tomorrow !!

Thor: The Dark World advanced screening for me at 7PM in 3D

So review will be up on my other blog, found here:

Unlike most things i’ve reviewed on my blog the review will be free of all spoilers, I mean it is an advanced screening so I really don’t wanna give anything away for anyone.

But yeehhh, heaps excited :D

It came out last Thursday in Aus but im finally getting round to seeing ‘The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones’ quite excited, been waiting a while for this movie (an still have a 50min wait). During the middle of the day on a school day means no noisy kids or anything (I hope). Also I have managed to get enough point on my Cinebuzz movie card to watch a movie for free, and this is my free movie.

I will post a review after it on my other blog DailyPlanetFilmReviews. But I already have semi high hopes for it


Hey guys & gals 

I’ve already made a couple of youtube videos which are minecraft snapshot related & I will eventually do some more stuff. 

But for now I made this. Thought i’d share it with you guys coz I am excited I could actually make something like this. Essentially it will be the intro to anything minecraft related that I do. 

So yehhh, hope you like it. I’m still trying to grasp video editing as best I can. And please feel free to tell me what you think of it coz it’s the only way I can improve on it.

Please subscribe to my channel, just coz it’ll make me happy. Also I know theres not much on my youtube yet but everyone has to start somewhere. Also my twitter & tumblr accounts which I will link below. 

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So I just started another blog (found here: http://dailyplanetfilmreviews.tumblr.com). This blog is dedicated to film reviews & also possibly tv episode reviews.
So for those interested there it is & hopefully some of you will follow that one as well, i’ll keep it regular like this one :)
I’ve re-posted some ones i’ve done before an have posted on here before, hopefully you’ll enjoy what I write and KBO (Keep Blogging On)