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According to Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, the word, parenting first showed up in writing, back when I was a child. What does it mean to parent? Parenting is a serious committment and takes time. Time spent on a child is worthwhile time. Time spent raising a child will pass in a blink of an eye. Parenting means never saying, “I don’t have time to help you.” Thank you to my own parents; you have been great parents for many, many decades!

Sometimes, parenting brings great pride and joy. Other times, parenting will cause a parent to shake a head, cry, become upset, and even say, “Help!”

I am in the teaching profession. We had “parent, advisor, student” conferences last night! Thanks to the parents that came. The student lead the conference! The student practiced introductions, handshaking, and eye contact. Always, there was plenty of praise by advisor and parent! Nevertheless, the parent-advisor-student also talked about ways the student could do even better in school! The student was encouraged to plan and think beyond the 2-4 years left in high school.

Attending this conference showed GOOD parenting! Giving this time to the student was time well spent! Three cheers for these families! So sad, for those families that didn’t show or bother to let someone know they couldn’t come.

Parenting….to love, to shelter, to listen, to guide and support, to prepare, and to let go… Take time parents to be a good parent. It’s worthwhile…

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The Stars in the Iowa Caucuses

Of course, the political candidates were the stars of the evening, but American patriotism was also on stage at the Iowa Caucus 2012. Those that came out to support the candidates and to place their vote took a leading role in the evening’s event! But in my view, our youth in attendance at the caucuses were the real stars. Working in a high school, I talked with several in attendance at last night’s event. One girl was proud to announce she became a junior delegate during the evening! Our youth will carry on what decades have supported for so long! On to New Hampshire’s caucuses, but first, I say, three cheers for our Iowan youth in attendance

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Soup to get Fit

Branson, MO has a Harry & Davids in their Tanger Outlet Mall. The soup display was wonderful. Why I only bought two bags is a puzzle! I wish I could go back and buy more. Anyway, the Tortellnii is half empty, as the rest of the mix is in the pot simmering! ….a bit later…WOW! What an amazing soup…tastes great, taste healthy, and there’s enough for another meal! Excellent with grilled cheese sandwich! (Feb. 20, 2012)

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Raising, nuturing, and letting go…

LinkedIn has my attention! The ALA has a group appearance within LinkedIn, and I am enjoying comments to the following question: What events or programs have you held at your library?

One elementary media specialist mentioned making Mother’s Day plants in their school library. This brings to mind all of the spider plants thriving in our well lit high school library. Recently, a young lady bagged up some of our spider plant babies to take home. She also created a pot in art class and now has her own planter to care for!

Well, here we go! I guess our library could be in the business of raising, nuturing, and letting go spider plant babies. What’s your interest???