Floods present a similar opportunity to drought – or in fact any natural calamity of massive scale. But what makes the floods or droughts a big opportunity for money-minded vultures is their geographical spread and regular frequency. Their earning potential far outweighs other catastrophic events like earthquake, cloudburst or cyclone.
—  Santosh Chaubey, ‘Why Madhya Pradesh loves a bloody good flood’, DailyO
American embrace of Trump made me realise how wrong I was about Modi
Now we know what it is to be in the endangered minority whose rights and privileges may be at risk.

Yes offense but this guy can eat a bag of dicks. We (as in, minority Indians & NRIs) have been screaming about Modi for years. But now that Americans are falling for Trump, NOW he gets it.

“When Modi was first running his campaign, it was subconsciously easy for me to ignore his dubious human rights record because as a middle-class Hindu, I would always be in the protected majority under his leadership.

From this position of safety, I was able to minimise his secular shortcomings, which were likely inconsequential to my personal well-being, and maximise instead his professed economic agenda, which was likely to confer benefits to me.

I lacked the empathy to understand that the erosion of secularism and the clear conflation of religion and state would endanger millions of Indians. I lacked the foresight to understand how the bully state that has spread insidiously via the agents of the far right is actually undermining rights and privileges for not just the minority, but for all Indians who have come to expect freedom of religion and speech as fundamental rights.

However, now that Trump is rising to power in the US with a clearly xenophobic and anti-immigrant agenda, I have found myself for the first time to be in the endangered minority whose rights and privileges may be at risk.”

He can seriously fuck himself.