“I’m personally excited for men’s fashion. At the end of the day, we’ll still have the heritage brands that are gonna do the suit/ties, there’s still gonna be the Americano brands, and that (for me) is never going to change. I’m completely fine with that because there are so many other brands  doing awesome and different things. For so long it was only women’s fashion that was allowed to progress and men’s fashion wouldn’t change — it was maybe five to ten years before a new trend would even happen. Whereas now, you have designers — European and American — who are like changing the game constantly and saying, “we’re gonna add this element or that to it” or “we’re gonna add a European or an Asian influence.” From there, now what? Your favorite basketball player’s gonna be in the street looking like this. Your favorite rapper’s gonna be looking like that. And then it trickles down, and so guys everywhere become more open and start looking things up.” // Bevelcode.com