Puma x Solebox 

PUMA are on a roll of great collaborations right now and this month see’s them collaborate with influential Berlin based sneaker store Solebox. They release the first part of the Adventurer Pack which consists of three drops set to launch throughout the year.

The idea behind it references a time in the late 90s, early 2000s, when resourceful European sneakerheads frequently ventured to the United States to source rare, vintage or new footwear that were unavailable in their local markets.

Selling these exclusive imports soon turned out to be a profound business model and in some cases laid the foundation to the opening of an actual store. The Trinomic XS850 Adventurer Pack was inspired by Solebox founder Hikmet’s adventures in the United States.

He not only brought rare sneakers to Berlin but also picked up an addiction to Jelly Belly – a true American jellybean treat. His favourite flavour, the Berry Blue, was the inspiration to the footwear’s colourway. The XS850 model has been re-birthed in this collection from its original running shoe form into a contemporary fashion shoe with a modern aesthetic. 

The PUMA X Solebox X Adventurer XS850 is available now from:

Hanon, Footpatrol, Oki-Ni and WellGosh

RRP: £100

CLOSET GOALS: Adidas Supercolors

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Some words of encouragement to those in creative fields hustling to find their footing (LOL, get it :P) in their respective industries from one artist to another…and these bad boys courtesy of Pharell and Adidas.

CLOSET GOALS: Adidas Supercolors

About a year and a half ago when I started pursuing styling I didn’t have any encouragement about my newly decided path. No career mentors, no clue. I asked a few questions of stylists I knew but mostly I learned through trial and error. I had a few opportunities presented to me but most times I was left to my own devices to make my own way. It took me almost a full year to get my first, small (emphasis on small) paying job. But even that was a glimmer of hope.

It is now several months after that and while I have experienced a lot of growth the struggle is still very real. These days my new challenges are being way more selective and having to regularly say no to creative projects that aren’t exactly right for me while also experiencing the growing pains of having to make important decisions that others close to me may not like but that truly put me in the driver’s seat of my career. The old challenges of finding clients and that ever elusive mentor search remain strong. I still have a long way to go.

It’s okay if you’re not where you want to be as long as you keep pushing and you keep seeing progress. And it’s okay to doubt yourself as long as you keep trying.