We may not graduate together at the same time, year and place, but at least two or three years from now for sure you will entitle as Engr. Pascual :D
(Insert a not so Nostalgic feels)
So yeah, I still remember the day that I started hating you, that was around 2002 (Grade 2 to be exact) Funny, isn’t? I hated you for almost one decade with a very childish reason and I treated you as my mortal enemy even though you didn’t do wrong or bad to me. But at the end, I didn’t regret that “no pansinan and no kausap days”, coz look how close and far we are now. Actually, I didn’t hate you because I’d never beat you as the number one on our class but rather because you’re so MAYABANG. Oh well, until now “ang yabang mo pa rin” but in a good way though. But in contrary, exactly one year “ng maging super close tayo” and today is the first day of our “for real in a relationship status kuno.” HAHAHA. (bawal kang kiligin) HAHAHAHAHA 👌✌💋
Goodluck to both of us! Oh! Student life; you’ll be missed. </3 Magaral ka ng mabuti ah? Bilisan mong grumaduate para sabay tayong mag Masteral ah? 😀😁😊 #RIPenglish

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“today’s clap day” 👏😂👌 #clapdaywednesdays #humpday #dailyIGpost #toschoolforcool #CrisGarcia #fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckyou (at John . F . Kennedy High School, GU)