Your Daily Herb

Chickweed (Stellaria media)

Chickweed is a late winter to early spring annual plant that has been naturalized in many parts of North America originating from Europe . This cool season plant is mostly found in good fertile soil in small easy clumps . And because of its name it has been grown as a ground cover and consumption for chickens thus chickweed . But did you know that’s this crisp delectable annual is also grown for as a vegetable crop for humans ? Yes yes I say bring on the chickweed to my little pot of goodies . Chickweed as a herb has been used as a cooling remedy to take heat out of the body. The whole plant can be used as an astringent , diuretic, laxative , expectorant , and refrigerant . This little ignored little yard and garden plant constituents are as orbit acid , calcium , potassium , zinc , magnesium , niacin , thiamin and flavonoids. You see the potential of this fresh herb . Chickweed has a little white flower that is edible and can be used in fresh salad greens . The best time to father is between May and July to use fresh or dried for later .
If you’re interested in fresh chickweed make sure to speak with a professional for proper identification and that yard or garden hasn’t been sprayed with insecticides or herbicides .
Always consult a physician if you under a doctor’s care .
Remember a Wiser You is a Healthier You
This gas been your daily herb