Dear Grace Helbig,

I have been a dutiful fan of your for over 5 years. I have seen the moives, bought the merch, watched the videos.

As a Conservative and a Christian it really bothers me to see you mock our President and my religion. Please consider that not all of your fans are liberals or necessarily share the exact same values, but want to come together to laugh and share time with the best content creator on Youtube. Consider us, please.

A Complete History of Food According to Grace Helbig.

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated this so I thought I would just repost it and update it with new facts as well.

I’ve compiled what I believe to be all of the food facts from every DailyGrace/ItsGrace video. After each fact is a link to the video it originally featured in.

If you notice a mistake, please message me so I can fix it.

If I missed a fact, please message me so I can add it on.

Pangea-Paper plates are invented by the solar system. [x]

Pre-historic times-Preheating is invented by a caveman who, before they invented fire, was like “I want fire before that fire, I’m gonna preheat this one over here and not tell any of the other cavemen about it” and them he booked a series of Geico commercials. [x]

4000 BC-Astronauts invent taste testing. [x]

72-Tom Ato from Japan invents the tomato. [x]

1342-Flour is invented by Princess Peach. [x]

1342-Ursula invents shrimp. [x]

1442-Taco Sauce is invented by Paula Deen. [x]

1502-Magellan invents the Middle East. [x]

1515-Draining is invented by Genghis Khan. [x]

1616-Mozart writes the song ‘Go Garlic Go Garlic Go’. [x]

1633-Pulling out is invented by Abraham Lincoln when he didn’t want to get Mary Todd preggers. [x]

1634-Black beans are, surprisingly, invented by a white person. [x]

1697-Shirley Temple’s feet invent sugar. [x]

1714-Plates are invented by a group of human trees. [x]

1750-Margarine is invented by the guy that invented paper margins. His name was Clippy. [x]

1776-A doctor who was sick of catching colds in class invents waiting. [x]

1780-Avocados are no longer used as currency in Japan. [x]

1784-The most fertile woman in the entire world invents Grade A jumbo eggs. Her name was Betsy Riss. [x]

1784-Mob Barley invents pot. [x]

18…2-Counting is invented by Count Dracula. [x]

1801-Milk is invented by a giant cow. [x]

1806-Kahlua is invented by a Chinese girl called Ka Lu A. [x]

1808-Soy ice cream is invented by a cow that went to college. [x]

1808-A cow that went to community college invents milk. [x]

1812-Sour Patch Kids invent tomatoes. [x]

1835-Haagen-Dazs ice cream is created by Cameron Dazs. [x]

1835-A herd of sheep cattling dogs invent preheating an oven. [x]

1875-Funfetti cake is developed by the Russians during the Cold War of 1875. [x]

1880-Pizza crusts are invented by someone with terribly disgusting ears. [x]

1882-Vegetable broth is invented by Veg Tablebroth. [x]

1886-Marshmallows are invented by Swamp Thing when he was at a camp fire with all his friends and was like “I’m hungry.” Swamp Things get hungry too. [x]

1886-David Copperfield invents Panko Breadcrumbs after he made that motorcycle disappear and Grace knew she loved him. [x]

1888-Cinnamon Toast Crunch is invented by someone that Grace wishes was her father. [x]

1904-Tortilla chips are invented by a giant avocado. [x]

1904-Whipped cream is invented. [x]

1911-Bread and Butter relish is invented by a man with a pickle and a knife and a whole lot of time. [x]

1912-Eggs are invented by dinosaurs. [x]

1932-Walt Disney invents mixing. [x]

1938-A bunch of potheads at Lollapalooza invent brownies. [x]

1946-Batter is invented by Babe Ruth. [x]

1946-Classico Pasta Sauce is invented by Jim Classico. He was friends with Grace’s mom, but was kind of an asshole. [x]

1956-Refried beans are invented by someone who wanted to be alone for the rest of their life. [x]

1973-The man who created the cartoon ‘Dilbert’ invents dill. [x]

1977-Huckleberry Finn creates Finlandia Vodka. He also invented the ‘Fin’ word at the end of movies. What a guy. [x]

1977-Red onions are created by onions. [x]

1984-The song ‘Good Knives are Hard to Find’ is written. [x]

1987-Red onions are (re)invented by an onion that got sunburn. [x]

1987-Smart Bacon is invented by a fucking idiot. [x] [x]

1987-Bob Vila invents tortillas. [x]

1989-Meatballs are invented by that slut that lives two houses down from you that you try and look at through your windows. [x]

1990-Cleaning off your hands to prepare for another part of cooking is invented by cavemen from the Geico commercial. [x]

1991-Boyband called ‘350 Degrees’ is overshadowed by the much more popular ‘98 Degrees’. [x]

1991-Chilli is invented by a hungry sorority sister one day when she got a cold and was like, “I’m so chilly,” and she was eating beans at the same time. She had a crazy life. [x]

1991-Marilyn Manson invents popcorn. [x]

1991-Eli Whitney invents the coffee machine. [x]

1992-Coffee is invented by the Europeans. [x]

1992-The sorority sister that invented chilli invents party mix. [x]

1992-Corn syrup is invented by Marilyn Manson. [x]

1992-A kindergarten teacher who was sick of catching colds in class invents plastic spoons. [x]

1993-Garlic was invented by Emeril Lagrasse. [x]

1993-Grace writes the dating book, ‘You don’t want to serve raw shrimp, that’s for sure!’ It didn’t sell very well.  [x]

1993-Kidz Bop sing the song ‘Do Go Chasing Waterfalls’. [x]

1993-Rice Krispy treats are invented by a gay chef, a gay homeless person and a gay marching band leader. [x]

1993-Tacos are invented by the Ancient Romans. [x]

1993-Marilyn Manson invents vanilla extract. [x]

1993-Coffee filters are invented by the Aztecs. [x]

1994-Milly and Vanilly invent baking soda and baking powder. [x]

1994-Old coffee is invented by the plebeians. [x]

1996-The TLC song ‘A Little Bit of Garlic Goes a Long Way’ is released. [x]

1996-Bisquick is invented by Marilyn Manson. [x]

1996-Bill Clinton invents counting. [x]

1996-Ikea coffee is invented by Frederick Ike…a. [x]

1996-The punk-rock group Hole invents water. [x]

1996-Jose is a good friend of Grace’s. [x]

1997-Marilyn Manson invents the plate with a paper towel on it. [x]

1997-Croissants are invented by rap group Kris Kross after they got out of music. [x]

1997-Paula Deen invents water. [x]

1997-The term ‘brewing’ is invented by a mythical group of LARPing folks. [x]

1997-‘Get Scrambled’ is a dance hit. [x]

1998-Jennifer Anniston invents waiting. [x]

1999-Michelle Obama creates lettuce. [x]

1999-Tyra Banks invents oil. [x]

1999-Smelling is invented by Lisa Frank. [x]

2001-Zack Morris (not the actor)  from Illinois, Iowa, invents caffeine. [x]

2002-Cups are invented by a grad student from MIT. [x]

2004-Pam is invented by Pam from the Office. [x]

2009-Michelle Obama (re)invents lettuce. [x]

2011-In March, Wayne Brady invented mashed potatoes. [x]

2011-Skins is invented by MTV. [x]

Time Unknown

-Ground beef was invented by someone who had way too much time. [x]

-Knives were invented by 4 sharp objects that all dated the same block of cheese and lived in the same grocery store and called them ‘sister knives’. [x]

-Real bacon was invented by the greatest person in the world. [x]

-Macaroni and Cheese was invented by PaRappa the Rapper from that video game in the early 90s. [x]

-Eggos were invented by the man that created Lego because he was sleep-eating his Lego in the middle of the night and was like *shrug* [x]

-Cheese was invented by a photographer. [x] [x] [x]

-Anne Boleyn invented crying from onions. [x]

-Knives used to be currency in Ancient Egypt. [x]

-Testing if stuff is cooked by sticking a knife in it was invented by Grace’s mom. [x]

-The Greeks played Russian Roulette with potatoes. [x]

-Veggie sausage links were created by a very progressive cavewoman who everyone hated because she grunted her mind too much. [x]

-Scrambled eggs were invented by that drug commercial. [x]

-Eggs were invented by an eggonomonist. [x]

-Salt and vinegar chips were created by the less popular hip hop duo, ‘Salt n Vinegar’. [x]

-Fritos were invented by an organ donor on the street that was like ‘Free toes! I’m giving my toes away for free! Free toes!’ and someone was like ‘I’m hungry’ and he was like ‘Let’s make chips’. [x]

-Cod was invented by God who just misspoke when he was trying to tell someone his name. He was trying to introduce himself and was like ‘I’m cod’ and someone was like ‘Excuse me, What’s your name?’ and he was like ‘Have you tried this cod? Cod-it’s a fish. I’m God.’ [x]