I miss my hair. I planning a look book of hair styles ladies. I an sure you will love it. Also I’m deleting some pictures here. So far, I have deleted 600+ picture. The #dailygossip has moved to @mydailygossip I will keep this page for my beauty and fashion posts. We are making changes for 2014. #TBT

Ladies, I’m putting in a place a system that will make it easy for you guys to see, read about and get the products that I recommend in all of my videos, on my blog, and here as well. So make sure that go to @liketkit and follow these 3 steps to shop your favorite Instagram looks directly from your inbox. It’s THAT easy! #liketkit thank you #dailygossip

#weddingTag Hello December! Here is Dolapo on her wedding day. I’m posting this today the first day of December because she looks like a swan. All white is the December theme. How beautiful. by @songbirddiva4life “🎼"Your love is magical, that’s how I feel
But I have not the words here to explain
Gone is the grace for expressions of passion
But there are worlds and worlds of ways to explain
To tell you how I feel
But I am speechless, speechless
That’s how you make me feel
Though I’m with you I am far away and nothing is for real
When I’m with you I am lost for words, I don’t know what to say
My head’s spinning like a carousel, so silently I pray” 🎤🎶-MJ. Happy Anniversary to my love @danejagram. I am beyond blessed that God chose me to be your wife. You believe in me sometimes more than I believe in myself. You are the true definition of a good man, a Godly man, and a best friend. I thank God for you every day 💋. #5yearsandblessed #dailygossip Tag me so we can do a wedding day tag #mywedding