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headcanons for drift and rodimus doing battle training with their s/os???


Drift, Rodimus (MTMTE) (Mass-displaced)

  • Drift would be a little bit more restrained when it came to fighting you, because he’s acutely aware of the still-existent size and strength differences between you. He pulls his punches and kicks, but he trains you to attack him better so that he doesn’t have to hurt you, and so that you can get more practice as well. 

  • Eventually, he tosses you a sword and teaches you the “basics of swordplay,” (you end up laughing your head off, but Drift doesn’t know what he said, shh…) Unlike hand-to-hand combat, Drift has no problems kicking your ass with swords in his hands. He always disarms you, points the sword at your neck, and then explains how and why he beat you and how you can improve. You swear that this is revenge for how Wing went about teaching Deadlock to behave. “Hit me once, [y/n], and then we’ll see how much pleasure the human body can really handle.” 

  • Rodimus would be more into the flashy fighting, he’d encourage you to watch a lot of action films (as if you haven’t seen enough already…) to find your “style.” He’s willing to teach you, but you have to be patient with him. He doesn’t… really explain how to fight. Rodimus mostly just tosses you into a simulation and says “just rock it, [y/n].” You do… barely…

  • After a while, Rodimus teaches you how to predict enemy movements by watching their hips and how they balance their weight. He teaches you how to fight heavy foes and how you have to use your speed to your advantage. Rodimus is more like a fitness trainer in this sense, always keeping you on your toes. He’s not the best of teachers, but he’s a great coach. “C’mon, [y/n]! Get up and fight! I’m your worst enemy right now, kill me! No snuggles for a week!” You always feel like you’re getting close to at least wearing him out, but then… oh, come on. He set his wrists on fire?
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