Inktober catchup Day 21: Drain

“I cast Vampiric Touch.” Poor Caduceus getting in a tussle with the serpent leopard from Critical Role a few weeks back.


Inktober 2018!

And SupToberArt 2018 - Day 05: Feathers!

One more day complete! 

Done with my feather quill! I love this pen, I received it as a gift some time ago and still is one of the best pens to draw! Long time since I last used it, thanks Inktober to always bring back the traditional drawing/painting!

One more day! Done with my feather quill made of one of Castiel´s feather!! Long time since I last used it, thanks Inktober for that! #suptoberart2018 #SPNfamily #SPN #SPNart #Supernatural #day05 #artchallenge #castiel @mishacollins


SupToberArt 2018 Day 16: FALLING!

Funny fact about this: Yesterday, I was drawing for the prompt “love” and put my random MP3 player to play… the first song was Nightwish (”I wish I had an angel / for a moment of love”)… and today, I did the same thing while drawing this and the first song was… “another Angel Down” (Avantasia)… 

Is that a sign??? LOL

#21 Gunmar. I can’t do all these grays and extra bullshit all the time, but this is one time I thought it was needed–I want these to be as sketchbook as possible and not starting fully going into the realm of more finished pieces. Anyway, like spending a week just drawing Aargh, I could totally do a week of just Gunmar and Jim going at it–and I might do both of those eventually. I must now go headbang to such metal thoughts. (Today’s drawing coming tonight.)