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ahh THANK YOU <3 I grew out my hair around 8 years ago and I love having it long so much, I’ve never gone back!

I did make it!!! I originally put it together to wear to the second Hobbit movie because I wanted to go dressed as Smaug! I also wore it to graduate from college, because we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted to graduation. I went ahead and made a tag for it so people can see the relevant posts if they want.

Here’s a shot from before I added the shoulder scale paint yesterday, and also one of the Hobbit map dress I wore under it! 

(omfg sorry for the weird angles/headless pose but my bathroom mirror is tiny and the leggings are sparkly and don’t show up in the light well)

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Would you like to be a dragon IRL like have an adventure, run from the government, find out if there are more dragons, gain supernatural powers in human form, freak out, find a lot of treasures, help people so they won't be afraid of U, like it would be awesome wouldn't it? P.S love your blog

I mean I’m not saying that’s been like my #1 dream for my future since I was 7 years old, but yeah, that is exactly what I am saying

I drew lots of terrible pictures of my dragony future but I doubt I have any of them anymore. Alas!


sooooo I saw The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies!! I have Opinions and they are kinda mixed but I will say it was at least very emotional. especially since it’s probably the last time any [new] tolkien’s gonna be in theaters. what a ride it’s been.

I re-wore my Smaug costume from last year since he surprise didn’t die at the end of the last one (so was in this one for like… 10 minutes total?) & I didn’t have time to make something new/figure out how to braid my hair into a dwarf beard.

anyway, sorry posting has been slow/stopped! I moved countries (again). But I’ll try to queue up a buncha stuff soon <3


So, this past week I graduated from college! After four hard years, I have undergraduate degrees in biology and geology now :) (and I managed to write two final papers about dragons during that time–one for an art history class, the other in evolution (¿¿¿???)).

I  go  went ( :( ) to a very liberal small private school, and we get to wear whatever we like to graduation! The perks of hippie school. Most people just dress nicely, but some people dress up in costumes–so I decided to graduate as a dragon :) This is the Smaug hoodie I made for the second Hobbit movie premiere, although I still have to add the headspikes/paint scales eventually. The last shot was my cap, which has a space squid on it–one of my other kind of favorite fantastical creatures.

Anyway, I’m out of my finals week, so I’ll be able to start posting here again! I’m going to start by queuing up the submissions you guys sent in–those should all be up within the next week, so if you don’t see yours published, it’s possible my inbox ate it and you should send it again.

Thanks everyone, old followers and new ♥

So, somehow, DailyDragons now has over 20k followers! This is a couple days old so there’s now actually 20,351 of you now but ♥♥♥! You guys are wonderful.

In approximately 15 minutes I’m leaving to move across the country for 5 months, so updates are gonna be a little sporadic since I don’t know when I will have internet the next week. If you’ve sent messages or replies, I’ve seen and appreciated them, but I’ve been frantically packing my life into a car so haven’t been able to respond.

Thank you all! <3