hi guys! it’s the best time of the year again!! CHRISTMAAAS!!! i always look forward to this time of the year because it’s always so happy and just really full of life. i made this account around november last year i think but i only ever got to start really posting was january of this year and i got to say i met some really nice and baliw fangirls like me hahaha and i just wanna thank you guys for everything!! tumblr fraaands!! i love you guys so much!! thank you for making my first stay here worth while and fun!! i want to wish you all a merry merry christmas! i hope you guys spend time with all your loved ones and have fun this christmas. oh and thank you for the friendship labyuu. here’s a follow forever in thanks! i wish you guys all the best!! love you guys!!

PS. this isn’t the best edit so excuse my eh edit

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basically thank you to everyone who’s been lovely to me this 2014 in tumblr. you are all amazing my little cupcakes.