Reading Habits I

On M83, “Reunion,” off their album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming:

It uplifts your soul to a higher spiritual plane, in which you begin to believe that the French are pretty damn good at indie rock. It uplifts your mind to a higher state of consciousness, in which you begin to believe that big hair and shoulder pads were the height of sartorial chic.

If I actually were a journalist, I’d write about lifestyle: about luxury goods, about fashion, about the best chillwave/shoegaze/low-fi/indie aural hipster sound to trip out to.

However, when I read my writing, I decry the decline of lifestyle journalism in Western Civilization.

(I don’t know if there is actually a formal field of lifestyle reporting.)

I should know; after all I work for the Daily Californian, Berkeley’s pre-eminent and only citywide and campuswide newspaper. But I sit on the design desk. There is a very real reason for why I was hired by the Design department, rather than the Daily Clog, the only other department I applied to.

(Discreet shoutout @dcdesign.)

But here are a few of my favorite serious blogs and newsources (to read):

  • The New York Times
  • The Economist
  • WSJ Deal Journal
  • NYT DealBlog
  • Mergers & Inquisitions

I don’t like CNN too much. But I got this gem from their article on Obama’s announcement of a military rollback, which obviously got some flak from the conservatives on Capitol Hill: 

In addition, conservative defense analysts say the plan steps away from the long-time U.S. commitment to be able to wage two major wars simultaneously.

There is no overt mention in the strategy document, however, that the U.S. is stopping its policy of being ready to fight two-ground wars simultaneously, but the reduced size suggests that is the case. 

Homeless Task Force presents recommendations regarding Berkeley public restrooms | The Daily Californian
The co-chair of the Berkeley Homeless Task Force, Genevieve Wilson, presented the group’s Tier One recommendations at the Berkeley Homeless Commission meeting Wednesday, which included a request that UC Berkeley’s campus make its restrooms more accessible to the homeless community.Read More…

“’(Homelessness) is something that students that go to UC Berkeley see on a daily basis when they’re walking Downtown on Shattuck and it’s an issue that affects an entire community,’ Arreguin said. ‘So it’s something that everybody as a community needs to come together to tackle.’” (Lynn). 

The city of Berkeley is a community and it’s not just the people within the community that recognize this, but the media does as well. The rise in homelessness in Berkeley since the 1980′s has become a serious issue, with many homeless individuals suffering from mental illness due to lack of medical health. They deserve to at least have a place to use the restroom. 

Seeing this article was heart lifting because it shows that Berkeley community recognizes issues and works on them as a community. In my research aside from the internet, I have spoken to some individuals in Berkeley who positively experience being a part of the Berkeley community. It does wonders to simply take time out of your day and get to know those in your community.

Lynn, Jessica. The Daily Californian. 16 October 2015. Web. 29 October 2015