#DevotionalForLunch For a very long time I felt guilty for all that had done. Got baptized and turned around some months later and did what I wanted to as if I hadn’t just really given my life to Christ. Now I can say I was ready, but at the sametime I thought I could do what I wanted to do. Making excuses for slip ups, and just doing my thang. GOD shook me up and I realized what I had done was not Okay. Through my sin, there came a blessing which is my beautiful daughter!! For a minute I thought I didn’t deserve to be her mom. She was so precious, so pure and the guilt I had for disobeying GOD was eating me up inside. As I continued to grow spiritually I wrestled with that guilt, praying to remove those feelings, calling my spiritual mom and she told me “Neshia baby, you have to start living that new life JESUS has given you, GOD has already forgiven you baby, now it’s time you forgive yourself, you learned from your mistakes, and you are growing in GOD so start living as such”. I cried and cried and prayed with her and I can truly say I have let the guilty feelings pass because of who I am in GOD and knowing that GOD has forgiven me I am truly living for him. Romans 8:1 NIV

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, #DailyDevotion #dailyBreadLife #Guilt #Strengthened#Forgiveness #Forgive #Faith #Hope #GOD #Joy #Life #SpirityallyLifted #SpiritualGrowth #KingDomBusiness