Introducing Revert Help Team

Salam Alaykum,

I just want to give you a quick introduction about the team


http://reverthelpqa.tumblr.com/ : This blog is run by sister Naima. She is a revert Alhamdullilah. Lives in USA. You can ask her if you have any questions.

http://reverthelpteam.tumblr.com/ : This blog only REBLOGS the Revert Help Team blogs. If you follow this brother you will get all the posts The Team do everyday

http://basicsofislam.tumblr.com/ : This blog is run by a sister who posts info about ISLAM 101

http://wisdomgifs.tumblr.com/ : This blog we couldn’t activate the way we wanted. We are working on it though. Brother who wuns this blog will basically post GIFs

http://naturepixs.tumblr.com/ : Some amazing pictures

http://dailyayat.tumblr.com/ : This blog posts 2 ayats every day. The brother uses www.mquran.org. I think it is the best translation of the Quran.

http://risalei-nur.tumblr.com/ : This blog posts from Risale-i Nur, my favorite tafsir. He uses www.saidnur.com

http://dailytafsirofquran.tumblr.com/ : This the Tafsir of Ibn Kathir. He uses www.mquran.con

http://asma-al-husna.tumblr.com/ : Posts the Asma al Husna

http://daily-hadith.tumblr.com/: This blog is run by a sister. Posts a hadith everyday.

http://sahihalbukhari.tumblr.com/ : The hadith book of Imam Bukhari. The blog is run by a brother

http://sahihmuslim.tumblr.com/ : The Hadith book of Imam Muslim. The blog is run by a brother

http://riyad-as-salihin.tumblr.com/ : The hadith book of Imam Nawawi. The blog is run by a sister

http://jami-attirmidhi.tumblr.com/ : The hadith book of Imam Tirmidhi. This is actually run by my sister 😊

http://sunanannasai.tumblr.com/ : The hadith book of Nasai. Run by a sister

http://sunanibnmajah.tumblr.com/ : The hadith book of Ibn Majah. Run by the mother of @dailyayat and @riyad-as-salihin. This is my fav blog. She doesnt speak English but you cant imagine how motovated she is when it comes to helping Reverts. She does it with 100% Ikhlas. Mash’Allah

http://lifeofresulullah.tumblr.com/ : This blog run by a brother. Uses www.lifeofresulullah.com . Very amazing stuff.

http://everydayasahabah.tumblr.com : This blog introduces the Sahabah. Please read how the Sahabah was and you will understand Islam. The blog is run by a brother

http://everydaydua.tumblr.com/ : Probably the most followed and popular blog of RHT. Run by a brother. Posts sunnah dua’as everyday. Pretty amazing dua’as

http://questionsonislam.tumblr.com/ : This is the FIQH blog of RHT. Uses www.questionsonislam.com There is an app for IOS and ANDROID for it as well. You will find thousands of FIQH questions and answers here. The blog is run by a brother.

http://everyday-quote.tumblr.com/ : This blog posts ayat, hadith and a quote from Risale-i Nur. Run by a sister.

http://fgulenmovement.tumblr.com/ : Amazing info. Run by a brother.

http://imamgazzali.tumblr.com/ : This blog posts the book of The Revival of the Religious Sciences (Iḥyāʾ ʿulūm al-dīn) of Imam Ghazalli . Run by a brother

http://rumi-mathnawi.tumblr.com/ : This blog is posting The Mathnawi of RUMI. Run by a sister

http://seedsofreality.tumblr.com/ : This blog is the “Seeds of Reality” from Risale-i Nur. Amazing quotes. This brother also post the hadith book of Abu Dawud

http://imam-rabbani.tumblr.com/ : This is the Maktubat (Letters) of Imam Rabbani. Run by a brother

http://-tawakkul-.tumblr.com/ : This is the tasawwuf blog of RHT. The brother posts from Abdul Qadir Jilani and Ibn Arabi

http://prophetmuhammadsav.tumblr.com/ : In my opinion the best book to learn about Prophet (saw) It is a best seller btw

This is the whole team. All we are trying to do is our duty. We are here to help the revert brother and sisters. Among us there are businessman, Phd students, architects, students, dentists etc. We are just your “regular muslim brother and sisters” who are trying to please Allah (swt) by helping Reverts. Thats all. We are not representing anybody. Please remember us in your dua’as

www.reverthelp.com (soon insha’Allah)

e-mail: reverthelp@hotmail.com
twitter: reverthelp