Pregnant Anna in a lovely stretchy lace dress! My interpretation of @upthenorthmountain‘s fic Close Quarters 2.15

And it’s time for Daily Anna!

Here are my baseline Annas, front and profile, no references. I’m not expecting as drastic an improvement as with Daily Kristoff because I levelled up in May in general and I shouldn’t think that’ll happen again for a while. But hopefully I’ll still be able to see some progress!

If anyone else wants to join in, please do! You don’t have to do every day or even most of them, just draw an Anna when you feel like it and tag it #dailyanna so I can find it. I’ll queue them all up for @radiantsunflowerprincess (if you see it’s been liked by my main account, leonardslee, you’ll know I’ve queued it, but the queue is quite long so it won’t show up for a while).