Daily reminders:

- It’s okay to not be okay. Have a hot drink and go to bed.

- Stop expecting the worst. It’s possible to find positivity in even the worst situation.

- If someone makes a joke that you don’t find funny, you don’t have to laugh. You don’t have to react at all.

- If someone makes a joke that you find offensive, you can let them know.

- Speaking your mind WON’T make people like you less. Being rude or mean WILL

- A little kindness goes a long way. It’s free, and you’ll make a lot more friends too.

- Kindness towards yourself also counts. Don’t forget that.

- Don’t go to bed angry. That applies to family, friends and anyone else who matters enough to make you angry.

- It applies to you too. Make peace with yourself before you go to bed.

- No matter how you feel today, tomorrow will be a different story. Strap yourself in and hold on tight, buckaroo.

—  10 things you already know but still need to be reminded every so often //
Your daily reminder...

If you’re sitting at a desk all day…
How long have you been sitting? Better stand up and take a quick walk!
Have you stopped to stretch your neck and hands? Try this and this.
Are you sitting with your back hunched over? Straighten up if you can!
Have you had a glass of water today? Try to have at least one!

If you’re working outside…
Did you put on sun screen? The burn can be more than just painful!
Have you been drinking water? You’re probably sweating more than you think!
Have you taken a break? Your body works harder in the heat! Sit down for a minute! Heat stroke and exhaustion are no laughing matter!

If you’re just waking up…
Have you had breakfast? Jumping right in with an empty stomach can be hard on your body.
Have you had a good stretch? Get your muscles ready for the day ahead.

Have you taken your medication today?
Have you eaten at least a snack?

Take care of yourselves!