Day 4: Akita

LOVE THIS DOG!  I lived in Japan for awhile and this dog was one of the more popular ones, especially among people in villages.

Fun fact?  Apparently Helen Keller brought the very first Akita to the USA in 1937!

If you have an Akita, send me your pictures!  I’ll give a shout out to you along with anything else you want me to include about your dog :)

Day 93: Keeshond

Not to be confused with Kreayshawn… :)

Medium sized dog with a two-layer coat.  Closely related to the Spitz family of dogs.

Weigh usually between 35 and 45 pounds.

They are quick learners and eager to please. Because Keeshonds are quick learners, they also learn things you did not necessarily wish to teach them—very quickly!

Most notably, at least one Keeshond, Tikva, was at Ground Zero on 9/11 to help comfort the rescue workers.

Do you own a Keeshond?  Send me their picture!  I’ll give a shout out to you and your dog.

Day 74: German Shepherd

They are a relatively new breed dating back to 1899 with the first dog named Horand von Grafrath (what a mouthful!)

The animal actor Rin Tin Tin greatly aided German Shepherd popularity.

Also known as the Alsatian!  This came about during WWII when the word German attached to anything had negative connotations.  So for awhile it was known as the Alsatian Wolf Dog.

Do you own a German Shepherd?  Send me their pictures!  I’ll give a shout out to you and your puppy :)

Day 12: Australian Shepherd

These animated dogs need a LOT of activity and purpose in their life in order to be truly happy.

Did you know?  They’re actually not Australian!  The breed actually was thought to have been developed somewhere in the mountains between France and Spain.

If you happen to own one of these puppies, send me a picture and their name and I’ll give a shout out to you and your pup!