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we'd better come out of this event ala civil war with the sky cycle lot (*hawkeye*) and maybe daily bugle for mj's 'share a moment' action because if not i might scream

If we actually got smaller scale replicas of those buildings, like the Oscorp lab, I’d actually be pretty satisfied

Need help in advance! For DailyMJ, thanks!

I need u guys to translate these words into ur language, thank u so much!!

1. Gorgeous
2. Simple & Clean
3. Fantastic
4. Sparkling
5. Wonderful
6. Unique
7. Style
8. High-fashion
9. Collection
10. Vintage
11. Fashionista
12. Hot Spot
13. Hot Topic
14. Magnet
15. Favourite
16. Fascination
17. Trendy 

It would be nice too if u guys add the meaning along with these words with ur languages, thank u!!!!!!!!!!!! Luv u guys!!!!! :-)