Commission Information!

Hello there!

I just want to take this time to say that I am currently taking art commission! Drawings of your characters? Will do! Designs for a Pokemon Gijinka? Gotcha! My rendition of a concept or an idea you want? No problem! I’ll gladly take them! All I ask is that you let me know about a week before the deadline if there is a deadline. If you have any questions, just message me here on tumblr or on dA! CutieSoul159

I do have an alternate account known as WhiteSakura0 but I’m hardly there these days.

It’s an old name, don’t mind it too much. And if you do decide to commission me, I will note you my email for my paypal and all is well. 

Inked Sketch - $8 (Fullbody), $9 (Waist up), $5(Headshot) - Will not have background.

Chibi (Digital and Sketched) - $3 base; $1 for extra Chibi; $2 for background overall

Character with transparent background - $7 Fullbody; $8 waist up; $6 Headshot

Again if you have any questions, feel free to message me either here or on deviantart! And you will find more examples of my works (and of my life as a cosplayer) in my gallery. Please spread the word since this college girl needs to eat! … And pay rent for her apartment. 

Have a nice day everyone!

“The leaves have begun falling.” Out of all the things Kidd could’ve said, he had managed that. And it was true, the leaves were falling but he could’ve kept that thought to himself. Why did he utter it, anyway? There was no one around him, that he knew of.
Kidd took another step and a leaf crunched under his shoe. He paused his movements again and looked at the little bits of the brown, crunched leaf.
“Hmm… Indeed… The leaves have begun falling. Winter is nearing. I need to remind the girls to get more suitable clothing then. I can’t have them freezing while trying to fight a kishin egg.”
Kidd tugged at his suit, pulling it into a neater state and continued walking once more, letting the wind blow his hair out of place, but seemingly unaffected by this action.

Today a couple walked in and as I was preparing their food, I could spy them being all lovey dovey out of the corner of my eye. Normal right? Except that the couple looked like they just walked out of an office together. An office couple. And by office couple I mean she was from logistics and he was from HR and it was love at first sight. They looked like they were the kind of couple that stole glances at each other from behind their cubicles, or the couple that conveniently had their coffee breaks at the same time. Full on Jim and Pam. It was all so surreal like I thought this shit didn’t exist outside of tv romcoms hahahaha. Hope they were married cause that was too damn cute lol. Love is beautiful you guys.

so today in my class I was talking about this shota shirt i really wanted. my friends were like “ wuts a shota?”. so me being my genius self, i opened up the projectors computer and googled “shota”. i clicked google images and literally all my friends screamed as the projector filled with gay porn.


So I'm in Khols with my sister, checking out and I'm wearing my doctor who shirt

because I love it and it says “Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey” and the guy who checks us out goes “your shirt.” he knew and I smiled because I’ve never got a reaction from it, and so he’s like “who’s your favorite?” And I ask “doctor or companion?” And he was impressed and then he says both, so obviously Ten is my favorite and Rose/Clara.
Then he sees my Hogwarts shirt and talks about how he didn’t know Khols had one and I laugh and tell him where they are and he’s like “damn.”

So as he is ringing up our clothes and I turn to my sister and tell her now I have something to blog about on tumblr and I didn’t say it that loud and he’s like “did you say Tumblr?” And I was like “yeah…” And the guy shook his head and said “how are you listing all of my favorite stuff? Next your going to say Supernatural.” And I, being me, say “Superwholock!” He puts his hand on his chest and then looks at me laughing, “get out. You’re causing too many feels.” I started laughing and he finished with “you’re going to make me cry!” I agreed by saying “the best crossover ever.”

Kind Eyes

I still remember them 
Aged, fading orbs
How they carried years of knowledge
and much needed kindness.

I remember
The joy in them
How they lit up
Like gentle embers

I remember the gaze
Often distant
Often curious
But they broke into warmth when you saw me

Years later
They began to fade
And with them
Your memories

Yet somehow
You saw me
You sought me
Your eyes still carried my old image

Now today
You no longer see
You no longer cry
You no longer have a gaze in your old eyes

However, my eyes
Remember their kindness
Their sweet warmth
And their comfort

Those kinds eyes are not forgotten
Your memories are not faded
You are still here
Still watching those who have your love

Original Post: http://cutiesoul159.deviantart.com/art/Kind-Eyes-444068261


The finished product! Thanks for tuning in to this year’s exciting episode of ‘Hannah Builds Things.’

I am so excited about this. I had to rip apart, move, and reorganize my other bookshelf but everything came together so well that I don’t even care. One of my favorite parts though is that I finally have room just for my Black Butler stuff. ^.^

I also booked my November plane tickets to Tennessee today and I saw Suicide Squad again with my mom.

I can’t express how much I needed this day off and I’m so happy with what I accomplished today.

3 and 3 - May 08, 2016.

Good :
1. Honest with Pam about upset with Gerald (first step to improving disclosure and mental health goal).
2. Did photos for Zach I said I would.
3. Devised mental health plan for summer and now have a goal and plan.

Grateful :
1. Pam’s care and honesty as both boss and partner’s mother.
2. Friends who support me unconditionally like Lily and Leigh who I know will be there.
3. Self reflection time and ability.

So, I started ANOTHER new game in Inquisition

And just arrived at the point where the future Inquisitor and Cassandra are about to meet Solas and Varric. The weather is really warm for this time of year, so my window was wide open and I could hear the sounds in the streets really clearly. And it went like this:

Cassandra: We can hear the fighting!

*child’s bicycle horn sound*

And now I can’t stop laughing.