TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Delivering in a muscle car

Right now, I deliver in an 07 V6 Mustang. It gets the job done, catches eyes, and I’d assume is a tick faster than a Civic(which I should probably be using lol), and has proven reliable. However, I’m saving up to get a 98-02 V8 Camaro in the future. Despite it being a V8, everything except the gas(which seems insignificantly worse), seems cheaper for the Camaro. I’m not planning on getting a showroom-quality example, but a fun daily(a clean beater, so to speak), so would it be any worse to deliver in that than the Stang, or should I stick with that?

I love the Stang and all, but the performance even after mods isn’t there for the gas mileage. It is still a good bit of fun to drive, but the Camaro seems like a better value with performance and mileage in comparison. The mustang was a gift, so I don’t think I plan on ridding of it soon. Id feel bad trading it, and those year camaros are cheap for a muscle car so I could get one while keeping the stang.

By: HydroponX