AU - Dystopian/Invasion/Sci-fi Mary x Matthew

Forty-four years after the invasion of Earth and the virtual enslavement of humankind, the Crawley family is forcibly separated and sent to the desolate cities around the world. Trapped in a grim metropolis, Mary struggles to survive alone, but her new world is a brutal place. Beaten almost daily by the police and half-dead from starvation, she is an inch away from losing her will to live – until she happens on a face she has not seen since she was small: Matthew Crawley.

At first unable to bring herself to trust another living thing, Mary eventually accepts Matthew’s offer to help her. Together, they manage to build some resemblance of a bearable life, finding food and shelter amongst crumbling conditions. The rumour that a resistance group is retaliating against their oppressors brings the hope that Earth might finally feel like home again.

But that hope is diminished when Matthew commits a crime that carries a fatal penalty. Forced to hide in a city-turned battleground, the fight to survive becomes even more desperate for the both of them. Cold-hearted police hunt them down, coming closer to catching them each day, and freedom seems to slip further away. At the same time, a bloody war is transpiring around them, one that will decide the fate of the entire human race – and Mary and Matthew will either fight their way to freedom or die trying.