daily words

there’s still a long way to go, but ...

…my editor just sent me his notes and cuts and suggested changes on my All We Ever Wanted Was Everything manuscript.

Now, I go through it, accept and apply changes, and made my own additions and edits based on his notes.

I’m close to being done, but I feel as far away as I did in the first 10,000 words.

Love. The most freeing emotion. The softest feeling. The longest commitment. The truest form of self.


All We Ever Wanted Was Everything final draft turned in

So this is weird, because it’s a milestone – 78504 words turned in to my editor – but I feel like I can’t start celebrating, because there’s still a lot of work that has to happen before it’s published.

What’s weirdest of all is knowing that for at least several days, I can’t do any work on the manuscript, because it’s officially turned in and I just have to wait for notes and feedback.

Part of me wants to start working on something new, but I know that’s not a good idea. My brain needs to stay loose and limber to get back off the bench and into the next stage of edits and rewrites, and I know that starting a new project before this one is truly finished will only screw me up for both projects.

To everyone who has been with me on this part of my journey: thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed and maybe even been inspired by these updates and experiences I’ve been sharing.

0 words (77197 total) on the revision of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

I opened up a few story doors yesterday and day before yesterday, that I wasn’t expecting to find. So I spent today thinking about how I’m going to proceed with them. Will I just close them? Remodel to get rid of them entirely? Walk through one and somehow use another one to come back in?

I’m sharing that I did zero words today, because I think a lot of us don’t allow ourselves to acknowledge that we did work, unless we’re adding to the draft or making edits. 

I worked on my novel today. I got zero words, but I still worked on it.

“I am enough. I have to be enough. I can’t afford to feel worthless anymore. It’s causing too much pain. It takes too much time. In the time it takes for thoughts to strike, i will rebuild myself from scratch, this time with a stronger foundation.”

-change comes from the inside out

5986 words cut (75782 remain) on the revision of All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

My editor made some deep cuts, and I was concerned at first that it would make my manuscript unrecognizable, but it just made it better and tighter, and it got me out of the story’s way.

I liked it being 81000 words, because it feels more substantial than 76000 words, but the point isn’t to have a bunch of words. The point is to tell a good story that doesn’t get in its own way, and we’re much closer to that than we were when I turned in the draft a few weeks ago.

So now I have to rewrite the ending (I’ve know this since I before I turned it in, but I’m almost as good at endings as I am at titles, so I’ve been putting it off), and make some small tweaks based on his notes (in addition to the stuff I did today), but my eyes are bleeding and I have a raging headache from doing this for … holy shit 7 hours. I think it’s okay to take a little break and call it a day.