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To Lean or Not to Lean..

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Saturn in the 10th house - Saturn Signet Ring 

From the moment she could crawl a mountain stood before her. Nobody else could see this upward peak, but she was forced to climb it through all of the elements that obstructed her way, battling invisible blizzards and avalanches, taking one step forward and getting hurled back three. This can be the experience of life with Saturn in the 10th. These mountains that form before her again and again ensure that she reaches nothing less than her ultimate potential, and the ultimate realisation becomes spiritual mastery. She flies as she accomplishes new feats, tasting the divine across the sky as she commands the highest peak. But before she leaves the earth completely she tumbles back down, it seems like she is completely back at the beginning again and again. However she integrates tremendous wisdom from soul to body with every climb, recapturing her ancient spirit and bringing it with her. The individual is very much forced to undertake battles that nobody else can fight. It forces significant self sufficiency. In this, she expresses the willpower of the divine, God’s will, in her daily activity. She is heralded in her own private ways because she has set backs and obstacles that can be physical and invisible. 

Success, ascension, and ambition roar inside Saturn in the 10th. Saturn expresses most powerfully and gracefully in Capricorn’s house, all of its energy is capable of cultivation. Saturn wants to put his cosmic ring around the person’s finger and stand with her hand in hand on top of the mountain. And the individual must reach success on her own terms. She is horrowingly underwhelmed by false praise and recognition. A childhood lost she can feel with Saturn in the 10th. There may have been severe and serious expectation placed on her as a child. She may have been forced into a parenting role or intimdated into becoming her own parent and learning the ability to self soothe and comfort. Or she may have endured circumstances where her parents where unable to truly help or guide her, even if they tried their best. One of the most interesting aspects of this placement is that these individuals are rarely resentful or disheartened by the difficult obstacles they have endured. There is the willingness with Saturn in the 10th to direct the pain, abandonment, or longings from childhood into determination, inspiring spirit, and leadership. The individual leads the way in her ability to accept what has happened, to stand in her own accept her own chaos, and to rise above it. This is so she can create a life of meaning and significance despite her circumstance or history. The 10th house traditionally associates with social prestige, class, and notoriety. It’s possible for Saturn in the 10th people who aim for public recognition to achieve this feat and experience the successes of establishment, elitism, and infamy. But Saturn in the 10th success is not so much fixed on public opinion and ideals. It’s deeply personal for every individual, and the dream is her ultimate potential, her best talents and qualities on display, it’s the succession of private successes, of producing long term visions into reality. Her destiny does not include what other people, or society for that matter, decide for her. 

The inner experience can be disciplinarian with Saturn in the 10th. There may be a great fear of failure, or the sense of inherently being a failure. Saturn’s grace in the 10th can express with the familarility and soul of a grandfather, always waiting with words of warm wisdom. But it’s not always so gentle, and it’s not so much failure that generates the coldness of Saturn but rather the unwillingness to try, lethargy, and refusual to set and attempt goals. The individual can sense a real inability to move, a blockade to chasing dream or ambition, the feelings of inadequacy and inability creeping in more and more with every day that passes by. A sleepy Saturn. But the emptiness here can be quite raw, and it’s often these dark feelings that thrust the individual into goal setting and envisioning a better life for herself. Early experiences may have been threatening, and it therefore becomes difficult for her as an adult to set boundaries with authority figures. Esoterically. Saturn is the occult planet. In the 10th house Saturn indicates a spiritual pilgrimage of sorts, a very true and materially bounded psychospiritual development. There is something substantial and enigmatic about Saturn in the 10th. It doesn’t always paint the portrait of the power hungry conservative you may associate corporate Saturn with. Rather it provokes the many expressions of Saturn, an angronyous planet for its powers of synthesis. Like the wizard holding an hourglass filled with sorcerers dust, she cradling the orb in her hands that knows how to turn far away dreams into something real and wonderful. This is Saturn’s royal progeny, his golden child, the one he will carry under his wing and thrust into glory.


art by Kurtis Rykvoich

I need a sequel to summerteen romance where instead of pre-retcon dave and karkat on the meteor and a troll session allegory its post-retcon dave and karkat in their hive on earth c and a human session allegory, think of the possibilities, they are endless

jake & his ass would definitely play a tangentially villainous role for example


Here at the top 10 reasons I’m voting ‘no’ to changing the law to allow same-sex marriage in Australia.

1. Because the YES campaign secretly loaded a U2 album onto my iPhone and now I’m with Team Bigot.

2. Because a red-headed Tasmanian tried to headbutt Tony Abbott and he missed and if I can’t have the only thing that could make me truly happy neither can you, gay people.

3. Because won’t somebody think of the children who’ll be stuck with two dads and they’ll have to stop in at the bakery every day for emergency cheddermite scrolls for school lunch and probably breakfast too because everyone knows dads are hopeless, so vote no for the kids.dunked into a river or set on fire by priests.

4. Because this country can’t afford to let gay weddings delay a moment longer the vital infrastructure projects this country needs that will be delayed when queeros start marrying their favourite bridges and other transport nodes.

5. Because if religions have their religious freedoms taken away from them we might one day live in a country where witches cannot be dunked into a river or set on fire by priests.

6. Because if gay people get married there will be no freedom of speech anymore because Tony Abbott and Lyle Shelton and Pauline Hanson and Mark Latham and Fred Nile and Miranda Devine and Andrew Bolt and Bernard Gaynor and Ray Hadley and Janet Albrechtsen and Chris Kenny and the entire line-up from Sky News After Dark will be so terrified that they will never stand up in Parliament or go on the telly or the radio, or write columns for The Australian or the Daily Telegraph or the Herald Sun ever again.

7. Because that guy from the Cronulla riots held a “Straight Lives Matter” rally on the weekend and only got a dozen single men in identical T-shirts to meet him in a park because everyone knows that with gay marriage all the parks will be full of the gays marrying each other and having even a dozen men without girlfriends in the same adorable T-shirt gathered in one place could only be a provocation to those insatiable gays, oh god I hope Cronulla riot guy is alright!

8. Because marriage is a sacred institution that has always had a special place in our society, a place we call prime time, which we traditionally reserve for the quiet contemplation of the spiritual bond between a man and a woman on The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, The Farmer Wants A Wife, Married at First Sight, Bridezillas, Whose Wedding is it Anyway, My Redneck Wedding and Divorce Court.

9. Because it says so in the Bible, somewhere, in the Old Testament I think, and if we ignore that we would also have to ignore the bit that tells us it’s OK for a dude to sell his daughter into slavery, and totally legit to stone adulterous women and disobedient children to death and then we’d be on a slippery slope to hell in a handbasket, wouldn’t we.

10. Because have you ever seen a gay man eat a pie? No you haven’t and when the gay marriage law enslaves the bakers of this country and forces them to make homosexual wedding cakes and nothing else there will be no more pies so I will vote NO.