Haiku 89-80/365

Haiku 89/365

fire in the ocean
/ choosing drowning over burns
/that would scar for life

Haiku 88/365

vignettes of bloody
/ tongues cutting glass and signing 
/away their old names

Haiku 87/365: you can’t stop me

you can’t stop me so
/ don’t even try or better /
yet do your damn best

Haiku 86/365: The Smiths

what difference does
/ it make when we look past time
/and see only now?

Haiku 85/365

yesterday’s soreness
/ never leaves without taking
/ another deep bite

Haiku 84/365

why wasn’t i born
/ with the cute skill of small talk.
/ the weather is lame

Haiku 83/365

we drink black coffee
/ sugar-free and tepid waiting
/for the day to end

Haiku 82/365

bring your young flesh to
/ me and sever all your ties
/to hope and clean thoughts

Haiku 81/365

stardust seeps into
/ her veins, star lust seeps into /
her heart and stars die

Haiku 80/365

we walk this dark path
/ trudging towards moonlit days /
where we can be wolves

Haiku 104-90/365

Haiku 104/365

little things we hate
/ to sacrifice for better
/tomorrows is hard

Haiku 103/365: sacrifice

today i gave up
/ my pride to secure future
/moments to change lives

Haiku 102/365: little things

when the rain gently
/ refuses to wake me up
/and i sleep in peace

Haiku 101/365

just enough whiskey
/in my veins to float on pain
/without getting drunk

Haiku 100/365: rain maker

just because the rain
sounds the same as your prayers
doesn’t mean god hears

Haiku 99/365

when efforts collide
/ two hearts can sometimes become
/a singular beat

Haiku 98/365

a sound at the door
/ can be anything, but i
/ know the sound of you

Haiku 97/365

we talk about our
/ hearts bespoke by their harsh beats
/their only burden

Haiku 96/365

we write the number
/ of the beast on our bruised hearts
/praying for the end

Haiku 95/365

there’s no coincidence,
/ lions have, strength in numbers 
/must protect the pride

Haiku 94/365

lovely lies flutter
/by like butterflies in spring 
/beautiful torments

Haiku 93/365

return sorrow, to
/ my quality of life for
/i’m missing those pains

Haiku 92/365

we spent our sad days
/ collecting sincerities
/for souls not our own

Haiku 91/365

sing blessed are the meek
/ for the earth will inherit /
our flesh, bones, and blood

Haiku 90/365

cut, strip, repeat, bleed
/clothing stained and never washed 
/piled in the corner

Hair in eclipsed strands,
Falling through melodic calm,
Hidden from the sun.
—  poeticallyordinary, nightfall

“I will break your heart. If it’s not what I do to you that ends up breaking you it’ll be what I do to myself that will leave you destroyed.”

— Cynthia Chapman