Daily Doodle 182 – October 15, 2018

I guess this whole day was animation day

While I did do a lot of progress, I know I could have done more, my glory days aren’t there

Today I woke up early-ish and got to doodling a bit later before uploading it. I then watched a few videos before working on the 3D animation to make progress throughout the day

Pixie woke up around the morning time and it seems he only got worse, he was in pain but it was because of the constant coughing. He only threw up yesterday and hadn’t today, but didn’t feel like getting out of bed.. That’s how bad it was, darn..

The whole day wasn’t that eventful, just me trying to stay away from distractions as often as I could. It had also been raining all day so Pixie’s dad couldn’t work with Pixie’s car at all, so I didn’t have to go with Pixie today.. He was very sick anyway, so I doubted he’d want to drive

Anyways, later in the afternoon I had some onion seasoned shrimp, which was good, and even later at night had shrimp soup!

A bit later, I watched a series of videos that were both gameplay and animated called “How it feels to play (x class) in TF2” and they were all incredibly hilarious!

Pixie went to sleep later at night, but I wasn’t sure how sick he was.. but said he felt bad either way. I then continued my animation progress which I finished half! .. Of the blocking process.. Excluding the facial expressions.. Ugh

I decided I wouldn’t go to sleep too late tonight as I was already tired from going to sleep late the other night. Here’s hoping I can speed this animation thing up


in honor of oscar weekend, i wanted to make some lil doodles of 3 movies that rly rly rly stuck with me this year. made me laugh n cry n think n feel ALL feelings. thx to call me by your name, lady bird & get out for making me feel things i haven’t felt at the movies in a loooonnng while. what was your fav movie this yr?! #SWIPE ! ✨ xx insta

@timotheetea @callmebyourname-illcallyoubymine

I ‘ m   n o t   m y s e l f   

Breaking a long tumblr hiatus that happened for reasons to post this sketchy messy angsty thing I drew before s5 aired because I love Shallura

and DAMN hats off to the Voltron crew this season was incredible