“Losing patience with his stubborn silence, our intrepid lass threatens to sue his business over the entrapped cursed creature she spies among the crates.”

Day 15 of my Gothic Horror Inktober list: A Strange Critter in a Cage. This weasel-adjacent animal is endlessly disintegrating into smoke…?
Quinzième jour de ma liste Inktober : Une Bestiole Etrange dans sa Cage. Ce simulacre de fouine se désintègre continuellement en une épaisse fumée…?

Drawcember Cryptid
02 - Mothman 

“Waxing, waning. The seasons pass, giving way to warmth, and cold in turn. The night relents to dawn and the dusk embraces darkness. You could chase the light, be a fool like I once was, drawn to that flame. I wouldn’t judge you for it. A fox does not judge a hare. Predators do not often stop to put themselves in the mindset of their prey.”

Have you guys seen the trailer for Into the Spiderverse yet?? It looks so good!! And the art style of the animation… just so cool! I just wanted to try to draw Miles, so here’s some quick practice sketches! 🕷

Drawcember Cryptid
21 - Flatwoods Monster

Whether you are a return guest or a first time visitor, we are pleased to have you stay with us. We provide our guests with the privacy they desire, all accommodations included. Our remote location is so idyllic you may never leave.

Drawcember Cryptid
16 - Beast of Gévaudan

Look upon me, mother. I’m everything you ever feared I would be. You may have attempted to smother me, to keep me down, but that only forced me to do the one thing you couldn’t. Flourish. I will always love you.