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One word prompt fic 

AN: If you follow me on twitter (smoakbettsqueen) you’ll know I’ve been in a writing rut lately unable to write anything, I asked some awesome friends @callistawolf and @latinasmoak for some prompts and thus begins this little mini series of fics all from their prompts that take place post 523.


“Mr. Mayor, your two o'clock is here.” Marlene’s voice echoes across Oliver’s large office, but before he can query her on what two o'clock the intercom goes dead.

He frowns in confusion his hand moving to his daily planner, his hardcopy daily planner. His forehead wrinkles in confusion as he flips through the well worn pages, trying to find out who he’s supposed to be meeting with. He really hopes it’s not the Hub City mayor, he’s almost certain they are meeting on Friday at two, the large stack of regulations and agreements that he’s suppose to go through before that meeting -that he’s already rescheduled twice- is currently staring back at him. The mayor of Hub City is  never going to want to meet with him again if he’s not even prepared for this meeting.

“Why did I buy you that fancy state of the art tablet if you’re just going to be a caveman and use that planner?”

A familiar teasing voice calls out, halting all of Oliver’s thoughts, much like she’s been doing for the past 6 weeks, or 6 years if Oliver is being honest with himself.

He looks up and can’t help but smile as Felicity glides into the office the little floral romper she’s wearing rustling as she walks. She’s holding a tray with two large cups of coffee in one hand and a brown paper bag in the other.

The cuffed sleeve of her romper has slipped off and Oliver can see the tan curve of her shoulder. He’s already tempted to press his lips to against the soft curves and pull down the V of Felicity’s flora romper and explore the rest of her tanned skin, all too familiar of just how far that tan really goes, or doesn’t go as the case may be.

“Your two o’clock at your service, Mr. Mayor.” Felicity says cheekily as she does a slight curtsy with her gifts despite the fact that she’s in a romper and not a dress.

She takes one look at Oliver’s expression though and backs away from him when he takes a step towards her. “No. No. No. Keep those thoughts in your head mister.”

“I didn’t say anything!” Oliver protests his smile widening when Felicity holds the hot coffee and what he assumes are chocolate croissants -his absolute favourite-  like a shield in front of her. 

“No, but that face and that smile. I know that smile.” Felicity accuses, “you’ve got dirty on your mind. That is not the kind of services I am bringing. We will not have a repeat of what happened last week.”


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kaiserkat  asked:

What are your favorite beauty must-haves?

I get asked this pretty frequently, so I’ve decided to make a list organized by categories including links! (Almost all of these products are things that I have repurchased more than once- I labeled the ones that I have been through many bottles of; these are my holy-grail products! I also tried to incorporate a mix of drug store and high end products.) Just to give a brief description; I have very dry, thick/coarse, naturally wavy, color treated hair and combination skin (very acne-prone & oily t-zone and normal on the outside of the t-zone). And as a side note, I am a little addicted to constantly trying new products. These listed before are the ones that I’ve tried and repurchased/really loved! 

Hope this can help answer your question!


Skin care/body:



Hey guys,
I know I’ve not been around much lately, you have my human to thank for that. I guess you’ve not missed too much though! I’ve been practising the art of sleeping. This is a selection of some of my most comfortable sleep situations today. Yes, all in one day! And it’s only just gone lunchtime.
My humans human got me a new chair. Well, apparently it’s really for the food lady… But she lets me snuggle in it when she’s busy doing other things. Food related things. I hope you’re all great and as comfortable as I am! Extra special “hey” to all my new followers. Thanks for being interested even though my human is rubbish.


My human has put me on this ridiculous exercise regime. Apparently all the cheese is going straight to my wrinkles… She got all super proud the other day because I’d hit my “target weight”, but the exercise still hasn’t stopped. Apparently exercise is not only good for my wrinkles, but it’s good for my human too. She won’t stop laughing at my post-walk flop situations. She won’t be laughing so much when I get all snoreasaurus on her while she’s trying to write essays.

I know that I get sad when my human isn’t here, but the morning after she gets back we always have super snuggles. I get to squeeze myself onto her lap, even if she’s busy or if I don’t quite fit, I wriggle all my wrinkles in there and get all extra squishy. The tactic, of course, it to look so super cute that she doesn’t ever want to leave me ever ever again. Maybe this time it will work.


Today is the last day of the six nations rugby. My human and her human and the smaller humans took me out for a W.A.L.K earlier, and it was great! So many delicious smells, and an excellent dog in a jumper. For a while I even got to wear a little hat. My human said it was ridiculous but I actually kind of liked it…
Anyway, we’re home now and the humans are shouting at the TV again. I don’t understand how men that are so small get my humans so excited. Sometimes I bark along with them, because it’s the only thing in the TV box that I’m allowed to bark at. But today I just can’t keep my eyes open. Must have been all that sea air…

Hey everyone. I know this is Sybil’s blog but I just wanted to introduce myself. After a week of deliberation, my humans have finally named me Watson. I just wanted to come by and say that no matter what Sybil tells you, we actually SHARE a bed. She keeps saying I’ve stolen this and stolen that. I’ve even “stolen” her stupid purple collar. It has a bell on it so the humans don’t tread on me, but I’m not convinced about the colour. Still, it’s not HER collar. It wouldn’t even fit around her neck. I’m not even sure if she has a neck? She’ll probably say I stole that too.

My human says we are going on an adventure on Monday. She says it will take the whole day, but that I’ll be really happy I went with her. Apparently we have to pick up a very special parcel…? I don’t know what that means but if it doesn’t involve cheese then I can’t see how I’m going to enjoy it.

Oh by the way! We totally found that other dog. He hurt his paw a little but but he’s safe and sound now. He didn’t have a human before he ran away, which is kinda sad, but after all his adventuring he now has a human and a forever home. How great is that!

Yesterday was adventure day! My human says to say sorry that some of the pictures are blurry but that it’s hard to take pictures when you’re in a moving car. Whatever. On to the fun bit.
She woke me up super early and as you can see I was not impressed. Then we went for a morning walk which was so cool, because all the grass was still frozen and it’s extra delicious when it’s frozen.
Then we sat in the car for a really, really long time. I mean I don’t know how long exactly but all I know is I missed dinner time AND stick time. When we eventually got out of the car, there were tiny me’s EVERYWHERE. All these tiny little pug dudes, and we all had a great time. Then my human told me we had to leave and that was sad. So I got in the car and curled up and went to sleep.
When I woke up, I realised the humans had smuggled out one of the other tiny pugs. And he was right there in that crate. I kept telling them they had to go back! But apparently we were supposed to have him?? He’s still here today, and he keeps stealing my bed. He’s going to have to learn some house rules (aka who is boss) pretty quick or I’m going to parcel him up and send him back.

So the small pug has got not-so-small now. In fact, he’s kinda tall. Taller than me. Some may say too tall… It’s like someone took hold of his legs and pulled. I mean, the humans are talking about what if he never stops growing, but I’m sure they’re just kidding. He has to stop at some point… Right?

The reason I don’t get to post as much lately is because every time my human tries to take a nice picture of us, the small pug ruins it. Every. Time.
I keep telling her that it’s MY blog and so it should really be about ME and so she doesn’t need pictures of the small pug, but apparently I have to share. Stupid small pug. (He’s actually taller than me now… But I am still the boss)

The small pug is so stupid. A little bit of sunshine and he just flops. Earlier I caught him drinking from MY bowl and then he just fell over. At first I thought that dream I had about putting poison in the water had come true… But then I had only just had a drink so it turns out the water was fine, and he was just asleep. My human tells me to stop being horrible to him, even though he starts it!

Hi there. This is a plea to all the humans and pugs out there - can you help us? Our human doesn’t seem to love us anymore. I mean… she still snuggles and stuff, but nowhere NEAR as much as normal. We think she loves her books and her computer more than us. Which I mean… the books must be really good, because look at these faces. And we can’t even really figure out why she loves the books, because she never really looks happy to be hanging out with them. Not like when we’re playing frisbee and chewing her shoelaces (disclaimer: only the small pug does this). The small pug even tried chewing some of the books, just to see if they were extra tasty and maybe that’s why she likes them… But he said they weren’t even that great. Not as good as the gross bits of wood he keeps snaffling in the garden. 

Do any other pugs have this problem? How far do we have to tilt our heads to get her to love us the most again? She keeps saying we (I know she really means only me) are still her favourites… But we miss our human. 

Our human finally managed to get a picture of both of us together. She’s been telling me that she’s wanted one for ages, so when the opportunity arose she had her phone out quicker than I could run away. Still, I refused to look at the camera, because I don’t want her to think that I’m ok with the smaller pug invading my blog.

Also, she gave me that stupid flea juice again yesterday. I don’t blame the critters for getting the hell out of my fur, I can’t stand the stuff. I haven’t curled my tail all day, and the stupid small pug won’t stop trying to bite it.