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“Buried” (Chapter One)(Stony)

Welcome to the story! Non-powered AU here, going for something like an Indiana Jones/ Adventure Movie theme. Expect lots of snark between Steve and Tony, some really heartbreaking moments, guns and explosions and obligatory “sharing bodily heat” comments as they try to survive and escape the bad guys all while keeping their hair neat and having lots of sexy times.

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Enjoy :) I can’t wait to hear what you all think of this!!

Ten Years Ago

When Howard had suggested Tony “learn a little about the real world” after his sophomore year of college, Tony thought his dad meant something along the lines of “traveling through Europe” or maybe “Backpacking through New Zealand.”

He had not realized his dad meant “spend the summer working at some shitty dig site in South America that Stark Industries was helping fund.”

He hadn’t realized Howard was planning on dropping him in the middle of nowhere to work with other college kids at scraping dirt off of stone carvings and meticulously cataloguing things that Tony had no interest in.

It had never even crossed Tony’s mind that when Howard suggested he “learn about the world” it was simply code for “your mother and I are traveling all summer and don’t trust you to not burn the house down so here, build some character while digging in the dirt in a foreign country.”

In fact, if Tony had realized that Howard’s “suggestion” was actually a demand and that he actually had no say in the matter, he probably would have gone home with Rhodey for the summer and avoided all of this.

But by the time Tony had put all this together, it was too late and he had been dumped at the work site in some no name country by some no name river.

Stepping off the helicopter and onto the ground, Tony’s two hundred dollar sneakers had sunk into about two hundred inches of mud and were promptly ruined. The bottom six inches of his favorite jeans as well. The dig manager, Paul or Richard or some other name Tony promptly forgot, had laughed and pulled him free and shoved some cargo pants and work shirts and boots at him, directing him to a building at the back end of the clearing.

“Those are the bunks.” Paul–or Richard or whoever– had said, and slapped Tony on the back hard enough to make him stumble. “Go get changed and get back out here, we are setting a grid for a new area and need all the help we can get.”

Tony had been too much in shock and too busy slapping bugs away to bother arguing and next thing he knew he was on his knees in a marked off square in a grid carefully digging and sifting dirt and hating his life.

“You’re doing that wrong, honey.” Some one had crouched down next to Tony and took his tools right out of his hands. “Try it like this. And maybe no sunglasses, you’ll miss the small things because everything’s a little too dim.”

“These sunglasses cost more than your car.” Tony had retorted, and an easy laugh had caught him off guard.

“Spoiled brat, aren’t you?”

Excuse me?” Tony had ripped off his sunglasses and stared up–and up– into the bluest pair of eyes he had ever seen, set in a perfect face and followed by a smile bright enough to make him reconsider the sunglasses thing. “I mean– um–”

“Hey, it’s alright. I’m sure your sunglasses are worth a lot, but here all they are is a hindrance. Besides, why hide those pretty chocolate eyes, huh?”

“Um–chocolate…sure. What now?” Tony had forgotten how to talk, and tall blonde and beautiful had just smiled more, before showing him exactly how to do whatever the hell he was supposed to be doing with the spade and sifter and whatever else he was using. Strong hands had covered his own, broad shoulders brushing against him as they worked, and every time Tony managed to make his brain work enough to say something, he was rewarded with a gorgeous smile and every once in awhile a wink and a laugh.

And Tony had suddenly been thrilled that his dad had dumped him here.

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I hate it when people try to argue against renewable energy like wind turbines because “birds fly into them and die!! They’re BAD for the environment!!”

Yeah? You wanna know how many animals die from fossil fuel related pollution daily? Oil spills massacre wildlife populations and have lasting damage on the environment??

I think the world will be okay losing a couple birds to wind turbine collisions 🙄

anonymous asked:

Any advice for someone that loves all things marine life but can't pursue marine biology because they suck at math and science? Asking for a friend.

Hey there! I do have some suggestions for potential career paths that relate to marine biology. I hope this short list is helpful.

1) Ecotourism is a huge industry that is quickly growing, particularly for coastal environments. Right now, there is a high demand for guided nature cruises and kayak trips as well as shelling and providing beach ecosystem education.

2) Environmental journalism/photography/videography are options for someone who enjoys writing or taking photos. Either as a freelance writer/photographer or as part of a publication, you’ll likely travel to see marine life as well as interview people who are in the marine biology field. You’ll also likely encounter fisherman and others who make their livelihood from the ocean, so you’ll get to meet some really interesting people. With videography, you could help film footage for documentaries.

3) Marine life education can be provided as an aquarium educator or nature preserve employee. You can guide people on tours, provide information on the different organisms, and observe the animals’ daily behavior so that you can alert the aquarist at the aquarium about behavioral changes.

4) SCUBA/snorkeling guides get to interact with wildlife daily. You’ll also likely be exposed to maneuvering a vessel. This is under the umbrella of ecotourism, but you’ll be under the water instead of on it. The captain and first mate lead tours almost every day of the week. You’ll learn where specific wildlife like to congregate and get to provide a bit of education to the clientele.

5) Boat captains/first mates/maritime police are connected to many of these other careers and would be a good option for someone who likes boating. You’ll learn navigation and maritime laws as well as gain valuable insight from seasoned skippers. You could captain tours or research expeditions, or you could enforce maritime law.

6) Park rangers/fish and game wardens are also rewarding positions that can give you exposure to marine life. Whether employed by a private company or local/state/federal government, you’ll get to protect wildlife and provide education to park visitors.

A golden tiger, golden tabby tiger or strawberry tiger is a tiger with a color variation caused by a recessive gene. The coloration is a result of captive breeding and does not occur in the wild. Like the white tiger, it is a colour form and not a separate species.