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Any advice for someone that loves all things marine life but can't pursue marine biology because they suck at math and science? Asking for a friend.

Hey there! I do have some suggestions for potential career paths that relate to marine biology. I hope this short list is helpful.

1) Ecotourism is a huge industry that is quickly growing, particularly for coastal environments. Right now, there is a high demand for guided nature cruises and kayak trips as well as shelling and providing beach ecosystem education.

2) Environmental journalism/photography/videography are options for someone who enjoys writing or taking photos. Either as a freelance writer/photographer or as part of a publication, you’ll likely travel to see marine life as well as interview people who are in the marine biology field. You’ll also likely encounter fisherman and others who make their livelihood from the ocean, so you’ll get to meet some really interesting people. With videography, you could help film footage for documentaries.

3) Marine life education can be provided as an aquarium educator or nature preserve employee. You can guide people on tours, provide information on the different organisms, and observe the animals’ daily behavior so that you can alert the aquarist at the aquarium about behavioral changes.

4) SCUBA/snorkeling guides get to interact with wildlife daily. You’ll also likely be exposed to maneuvering a vessel. This is under the umbrella of ecotourism, but you’ll be under the water instead of on it. The captain and first mate lead tours almost every day of the week. You’ll learn where specific wildlife like to congregate and get to provide a bit of education to the clientele.

5) Boat captains/first mates/maritime police are connected to many of these other careers and would be a good option for someone who likes boating. You’ll learn navigation and maritime laws as well as gain valuable insight from seasoned skippers. You could captain tours or research expeditions, or you could enforce maritime law.

6) Park rangers/fish and game wardens are also rewarding positions that can give you exposure to marine life. Whether employed by a private company or local/state/federal government, you’ll get to protect wildlife and provide education to park visitors.

Her phone rings
Meeting reminder pings
She cannot see
The gallery empty.
The Gustavo metzger newspaper rack
Gets hit by a high slung back pack.
It’s a sculptural work
Behind which 4 spotty teenagers lurk.
She wants to know
When it’s time to go.
She’s plays hide and seek with her own 5 kids
And after 12 hours in a gallery
can’t see
where her real self has been hid

A golden tiger, golden tabby tiger or strawberry tiger is a tiger with a color variation caused by a recessive gene. The coloration is a result of captive breeding and does not occur in the wild. Like the white tiger, it is a colour form and not a separate species.